All the teachings of Jesus we can see that He either taught either directly through his teachings, by implication in his teachings, or by the things that he did while he was on earth. Jesus said ‘Follow me’ and John said anyone claiming to be in Christ must walk as He did 1 John 2:6

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” –  Matthew 7:24

“This is my Son whom I love. Listen to him!” –  Mark 9:7 


  1. Fulfill all righteousness – Mat 3:15
    1. Do things that fulfill righteousness regardless of whether it is strictly necessary (Jesus Baptism)
  2. Live on the Words of God – Matthew 4:4
    1. Make your source of life the words that come from God’s mouth
  3. Do not put God to the test – Matthew 4:7
    1. Don’t do things like handle snakes to test whether God will protect you. Be wise as serpents
  4. Worship and serve God only – Matthew 4:10
    1. Do not serve men and seek their gifts
  5. Turn from and stop your sins – Matthew 4:17
    1. Repent because God’s Kingdom is near
  6. Follow and be like Jesus – Matthew 4:19
    1. Make Jesus and everything He taught your standard of living
  7. Be sent to Fish for Men – Matthew 4:19
    1. Make your new first priority to save souls from the bondage of sin and bring them into the Kingdom of God
  8. Proclaim the good news of God’s Kingdom – Matthew 4:23
    1. Tell everyone about the great news of God’s coming Kingdom
  9. Heal the sick – Matthew 4:23
    1. Lay hands on sick people and pray for their healing
  10. Be poor in Spirit – Matthew 5:3
    1. Do not be haughty or prideful – think lowly of yourself and highly of others
  11. Be Mournful – Matthew 5:4
    1. Mourn over both the abominations of the sinful and the results of that sin on people
  12. Be Meek – Matthew 5:5
    1. Be small and make yourself little and of no concern
  13. Be Merciful – Matthew 5:7
    1. Show mercy to those who sin against you and others. Do not seek revenge
  14. Be pure in heart – Matthew 5:8
    1. Have no other motives for what you do other than love for God and love for man
  15. Be a peacemaker – Matthew 5:9
    1. Seek to reconcile those who are against one another – Do not take part in ungodly division
  16. Be persecuted for righteousness – Matthew 5:10
    1. Live and preach such a righteous life that the ungodly seek to silence you
  17. Rejoice and be glad in God’s rewards – Matthew 5:12
    1. Let your joy and gladness be in the rewards that God will give – Not what man can give
  18. Be the salt of the earth – Matthew 5:13
    1. Be the good people that make life good for others
  19. Be the light of the world – Matthew 5:14
    1. Be the source of light and truth for a fallen world
  20. Do not hide your light – Matthew 5:15-16
    1. Do not hide yourself and your works from the world – Live amongst the people that they may see
  21. Fulfill the Law & the Prophets – Matthew 5:17
    1. Do not do away with God’s law but rather fulfill it’s most perfect purposes
  22. Do not set aside the least of God’s Commandments – Matthew 5:17-19
    1. Do not speak or do anything that contradicts God’s spiritual purposes through His laws
  23. Be more righteous than the Pharisees and Law Teachers – Matthew 5:20
    1. Be more righteous than any modern religious leaders – Righteous in Spirit & in Truth
  24. Do not be or act in anger towards a brother – Matthew 5:21-22
    1. Do not get angry with God’s people – It is God’s place for anger and vengeance
  25. Be reconciled to your brother before offering to God – Matthew 5:23-24
    1. Do not seek relationship with God if your relationship with man is not reconciled
  26. Be quick to settle matters with adversaries – Matthew 5:25
    1. Leave no matter of conflict unsettled – Be at peace with all men and with God
  27. Do not look at any woman lustfully – Matthew 5:28
    1. Do not lust after any woman other than your wife
  28. Cut off your hand – Pluck out your eye – Matthew 5:30
    1. Remove anything in your life that is a source of temptation or sin no matter how painful
  29. Do not divorce your wife – Matthew 5:32
    1. Do not divorce your wife for any other reason other than sexual immorality
  30. Do not swear an oath – Matthew 5:34
    1. Only say Yes or No – Do not swear to God or by anything
  31. Do not resist an evil person – Matthew 5:39-40
    1. Do not fight against evil people who try to hurt you – Instead bless them
  32. Give to the one who asks of you – Matthew 5:52
    1. Do not turn away anyone who begs from you – Give what you can
  33. Love & Pray for your enemies – Matthew 5:44-47
    1. Do good to your enemies and bless them – Pray to God for their good
  34. Be Perfect – Matthew 5:48
    1. Be perfect in all your intentions and actions towards God and others – Leave nothing undone
  35. Do not do good deeds to be seen by others – Matthew 6:1-4
    1. Don’t do good things to be recognized as a good person – Tell no one
  36. Pray in secret – Matthew 6:5-6
    1. Do not pray in a way that announces your praying to others – talk to God in private
  37. Do not pray long prayers to be heard – Matthew 6:7-8
    1. Pray simple prayers of faith – Do not be long winded thinking many words will make you heard
  38. Use the Lord’s Prayer as a Model for prayer – Matthew 6:9-15
    1. Make Jesus model of prayer your model of how you pray to God – Use this simple pattern to structure your prayers
  39. Pray: That God’s name would be hallowed – Matthew 6:9
    1. Pray for God’s name to be honored in your life and in all the world
  40. Pray: That God’s Kingdom would come – Matthew 6:10
    1. Pray that God’s Kingdom would come spiritually now in men’s lives and soon come down physically to the new earth
  41. Pray: That God’s will would be done on earth just as in heaven – Matthew 6:10
    1. Pray that God’s will would be done in your life and in all the earth
  42. Pray: That God would give us our daily bread – Matthew 6:11
    1. Pray that God would provide all our basic needs so we can live and be fruitful for Him
  43. Pray: That God would forgive us our sins – Matthew 6:12
    1. Pray that God would forgive us for any debts or sins we have committed towards him or others as we also forgive them
  44. Pray: That God would not lead us into temptation – Matthew 6:13
    1. Pray that God would prevent us from being in situations where temptation to sin would be very great
  45. Pray: That God would deliver us from the evil one – Matthew 6:13
    1. Pray that God would deliver us from all the plans of Satan and his people – that we would not be tricked or caught in their devices
  46. Forgive all other people when they sin against you – Matthew 6:14-15
    1. Do not hold any sin against anyone – From your perspective pardon them and say “Forgive them, they know not what they do”
  47. Do not look somber as you fast – Matthew 6:18
    1. Do not let others know you are fasting – Make it look like you are not fasting at all so only God knows
  48. Do not lay up treasures on earth – Matthew 6:19
    1. Do not accumulate wealth and possessions for your pleasures
  49. Store up treasures for yourself in heaven – Matthew 6:20
    1. Believe that God will reward your works on earth and make those rewards your goal
  50. Where your treasure is your heart will be – Matthew 6:21
    1. Set your affection on things in heaven and your heart will also be there
  51. Make your eyes healthy – Matthew 6:22-23
    1. Make sure your intentions towards God and man are righteous – Then your whole body will be full of light
  52. Be devoted to God – Not money – Matthew 6:24
    1. Do not live for money or possessions – Live solely for God and His purposes
  53. Do not worry about your physical needs – Matthew 6:25-32
    1. Don’t worry about your physical needs – Entrust those needs to God as He will fully take care of them all
  54. Seek first God’s Kingdom & Righteousness – Matthew 6:33
    1. Seek to promote God’s Kingdom and His righteousness first in all you do – Then everything else will be taken care of
  55. Do not worry about tomorrow – Matthew 6:34
    1. Don’t ever worry about tomorrow – Focus on being pleasing to God and doing His will Today
  56. Do not judge others – Matthew 7:1-4
    1. Don’t look down on others or speak evil of them because of their faults – Focus on your own righteousness
  57. Rid yourself of Faults first and then Help remove others faults – Matthew 7:5
    1. Get rid of all sinfulness in yourself first and then help others get rid of their sins
  58. Do not give sacred things to the wicked – Matthew 7:6
    1. Do not share everything God has taught you with everyone – Some are swine who only seek to tear you to pieces
  59. Ask – Seek – Knock  for anything you need – Matthew 7:7
    1. If you don’t have something you need then ask, seek, and knock on God’s door for it and you will receive from your good Father
  60. Do to others what you would have them do to you – Matthew 7:12
    1. Always act towards others how you would want them to act towards you
  61. Choose the narrow way of life – Matthew 7:13-14
    1. Don’t take the broad popular way of the world but choose the difficult narrow way of righteousness less travelled
  62. Watch out for False Prophets – Matthew 7:15
    1. Do not easily accept everyone that comes in the name of Jesus saying they are a teacher of righteousness
  63. Judge all people’s hearts by their lives fruit – Matthew 7:16-20
    1. Do not judge just by what people say they are – observe the fruit of their lives and you will know if they are a good or bad tree / prophet
  64. Find out what God’s will is and do it– Matthew 7:21-23
    1. Do not focus on doing miraculous things but rather knowing and doing the true will of God.
  65. Put all Jesus teachings into practice – Matthew 7:24-27
    1. Build your life on a rock by find out and following all the teachings of Jesus
  66. Teach as one who has authority – Matthew 7:28-29
    1. Do not teach and preach without the power and authority of God in your life
  67. Drive out Demons – Matthew 8:16
    1. Heal those who are demon possessed – Only we have that power
  68. Be content with having no home on earth – Matthew 8:20
    1. Jesus had no place to lay his head – We must be willing to do the same if need be
  69. Follow Jesus above all else – Matthew 8:22
    1. Put following Jesus above even funeral’s of closest loved ones
  70. Never be afraid of natural disasters – Matthew 8:26
    1. Be strong in faith and believe God for safety from natural calamity
  71. Associate with Sinners to save them – Matthew 9:10-13
    1. Do not separate yourself but go and eat with sinners to have a chance to call them to repentance and life
  72. Put new wine in new wineskins – Matthew 9:17
    1. Do not seek to live the new life of a disciple by the old methods of the law
  73. Have faith to be healed – Matthew 9:22,38-29
    1. Believe in Jesus for healing and you will be healed
  74. Teach in religious buildings if you have the chance – Matthew 9:35
    1. If you can get the platform of a religious building use it to teach the kingdom
  75. Proclaim the good news of God’s Kingdom – Matthew 9:35
    1. Go everywhere and proclaim to others the good news of God’s kingdom
  76. Have compassion on people – Matthew 9:36
    1. Realize people are like sheep without a shepherd – Have compassion on them and ‘Feed the Sheep’
  77. Pray that God will send workers into the harvest – Matthew 9:37-38
    1. Don’t only go into the harvest and proclaim the good news but pray to God that He would send others as well 
  78. Go to lost sheep who once knew God – Matthew 10:5-6
    1. God wants us to find those He has a covenant with who have broken that covenant and become lost
  79. As you Go Proclaim “The Kingdom of Heaven has Come Near” – Matthew 10:7
    1. Everywhere you go teach about God’s Kingdom that is both here now and to come in the future
  80. Give whatever you have been given – Matthew 10:8
    1. As you go preaching also exercise whatever gifts you have to minister to those in need
  81. Do not rely on your own money to accomplish the ministry – Matthew 10:9-10
    1. God will provide and do not worry about accepting money from others – the worker is worthy of his keep
  82. Search for a Worthy person and stay with them – Matthew 10:11
    1. Find a home base to minister from – A worthy person who you can work through to reach others
  83. Greet supposed worthy persons – Matthew 10:12
    1. Give a blessing to the person you meet – greet them in peace and goodwill
  84. If deserving stay – If not then leave – Matthew 10:13
    1. If a person accepts your greeting then bring peace to them – if not then let your peace return to yourself
  85. If not welcomed leave and shake dust off your feet – Matthew 10:14-15
    1. Let those know that when they reject you they have rejected God and there will be a judgement to come – Do not stay with them
  86. Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves – Matthew 10:16
    1. Be innocent but use wisdom to know who to approach and how to approach them
  87. Beware of men – Matthew 10:17
    1. Men will want to persecute you and do evil things to you – Be on your guard
  88. Do not think about what to say when persecuted – Matthew 10:18-19
    1. When you are persecuted and in danger of men God will teach you what to say – do not think about it before hand
  89. Let God’s Spirit speak through you – Matthew 10:20
    1. Rely on the Spirit of God to speak truth through you – He will use your body as His own to speak to men
  90. Endure to the end to be saved – Matthew 10-21-22
    1. Endure the persecution and do not stop preaching repentance and the Kingdom due to fear of men – then you will be saved
  91. When persecuted flee – Matthew 10:23
    1. Do not stay around persecution – If some people do not accept you or try to harm you then flee to some other people
  92. Be as your Master Jesus – Matthew 10:24-25
    1. Be as Jesus who though persecuted continued His mission of preaching the kingdom of God to all people
  93. Do not fear Man – Matthew 10:26&28-31
    1. Do not fear man as you go witnessing – They cannot kill the soul but only the body
  94. Speak and Preach what Jesus has taught you in public places – Matthew 10:27
    1. When you receive the teachings of Jesus then go and speak and preach them from the housetops
  95. Confess Jesus before men – Matthew 10:32-33
    1. Be bold to confess Jesus as the Lord, Savior, and king of the world to all men
  96. Do not love any family member above Jesus – Matthew 10:37
    1. Jesus must be loved above any familial relationship – Put Jesus first or you are not worthy of Him
  97. Take up your cross and do what Jesus did – Matthew 10:38
    1. You are not worthy of Jesus unless you take up your personal cross and deny yourself to do the work Jesus did
  98. Loose your life for Jesus sake – Matthew 10:39
    1. Loose your own life ambitions and pleasures in this world to do the will of God and you will thereby have true life
  99. Receive and bless all true disciples of Jesus – Matthew 10:40-42
    1. Receive Jesus disciples in the same way that you would receive Jesus – Bless them and you will be blessed
  100. Teach and Preach in the Cities – Matthew 11:1
    1. Go where the people are most densely populated and both preach and teach the people
  101. Preach the gospel to the poor – Matthew 11:5
    1. Preach and teach the good news to the poor who otherwise would not be welcomed
  102. Do not be offended by being linked with Jesus – Matthew 11:6
    1. Do not care about the world’s thoughts of you or what it will cost when they know your a so called Jesus freak
  103. Come to Jesus for Rest – Matthew 11:28
    1. Let Jesus be your source of rest and peace in your soul
  104. Take Jesus yoke upon you – Matthew 11:29-30
    1. Be yoked with Jesus and not the world – His yoke is is easy and His burden light
  105. Be gentle and humble in heart – Matthew 11:29
    1. Be like Jesus who is very gentle and humble and peaceable in His innermost being
  106. Show mercy & don’t condemn the innocent – Matthew 12:3-8
    1. Don’t condemn those who are righteous in spirit but have gone against some precept outwardly – be merciful & judge righteously
  107. Let love always trump law – Matthew 12:11-12
    1. Don’t forsake the higher purposes of the law, love & mercy, in order to obey outward precepts – they exist to foster the inward
  108. Don’t put yourself in unnecessary risk – Matthew 12:14-15
    1. If you know people want to hurt or kill you then be wise as a serpent and get out of there
  109. Drive out demons by the Spirit of God – Matthew 12:25-29
    1. Walk in the power of God’s Spirit and kingdom and drive away Satan and demons and then you may plunder his house and gather the harvest
  110. Work with and Gather with Jesus – Matthew 12:30
    1. Find out what Jesus is doing and do that – Gather the harvest with Him in His work
  111. Do not speak against the Holy Spirit’s work –  Matthew 12:32
    1. Do not speak evil of any work of God’s Spirit
  112. Make your heart good and your fruit will follow – Matthew 12:33-35
    1. Don’t focus on the outward but the inward – Be inwardly righteous and you will bear fruit automatically
  113. Do not speak empty words – Matthew 12:36-37
    1. Do not speak idle empty words that do not minister grace or instruction or help to the hearers
  114. Do not test God by asking for a sign – Matthew 12:39
    1. Only the wicked do not trust God and ask for a sign in order for them to be obedient – Serve God faithfully without signs
  115. Be filled with God after being delivered from evil spirits – Matthew 12:43-45
    1. If you are delivered from evil spirits be sure to replace them with the Holy Spirit or you will be infested even more with demons
  116. Disciples are to be your true family – Matthew 12:48-50
    1. Treat those who do God’s will as your true family
  117. Speak in parables to the blind but plainly to those with eyes to see – Matthew 13:10-17
    1. Do not fully reveal the knowledge God has given you on everything to those who do not already possess and sacrifice for real truth
  118. Hear & understand the kingdom message and bear fruit – Matthew 13:18-23
    1. Be sure to understand the ‘message of the kingdom’ and produce a great harvest for God
  119. Make disciples – aka ‘people of the kingdom’ – Matthew 13:37-38
    1. Jesus sowed good seed or produced disciples – we also are to sow good seed on this planet
  120. Do not do evil or cause sin but be righteous – Matthew 13:40-43
    1. Do not be those who sin and cause others to sin but be righteous and influence others for righteous and live forever
  121. Forsake everything to gain the Kingdom – Matthew 13:44-46
    1. Let the Kingdom of Heaven be more important than anything else in your life
  122. Be fully instructed in the Kingdom of Heaven – Matthew 13:52
    1. Fully understand the pure message of the Kingdom so you can share both old and new treasures with others
  123. Teach with both Wisdom and Power – Matthew 13:54
    1. Seek to teach others with true wisdom and also in the full power of the Spirit of God – with Jesus working with you to confirm the Word with signs and wonders
  124. Do not do many works where people do not believe – Matthew 13:58
    1. Don’t stay around or do mighty things for those who do not believe 
  125. Withdraw to solitary places to pray when bad things happen – Matthew 14:13
    1. Don’t let Satan discourage you – get with God when bad things happen and away from men who will not speak faith
  126. Have compassion on all people – Matthew 14:14
    1. Always have compassion on people who are oppressed in any way
  127. Get alone with God and pray – Matthew 14:23
    1. Find remote areas and go there by yourself to spend time with God away from everyone else
  128. Don’t ever be afraid – believe all is possible – Matthew 14:27-33
    1. No matter what the obstacle believe that everything is possible – even walking on water if needed
  129. Reply to some questions with questions – Dont always answer – Matthew 15:1-9 & 21:24-25
    1. Just because you have the answer does not mean you should give it – focus on what the person needs to hear
  130. Do not break God’s higher laws for lesser laws – Matthew 15:3-6
    1. Don’t ever let the letter of the law or traditions, even good ones, trump the heart of the law
  131. Leave blind guides alone – don’t engage – Matthew 15:12-14
    1. God will uproot the false teachers. You don’t always have to engage and argue your point
  132. Have a plan and be focused when evangelizing – Matthew 15:24-26
    1. Don’t just share with everyone – Focus on who and where God is leading you too
  133. Share with and bless all who ask in faith – Matthew 15:26-28
    1. Even if outside your focus one with faith comes and asks then share with them
  134. Have compassion for people with physical needs – Matthew 15:32
    1. Don’t just minister to people’s spiritual needs – if they are hungry get them something to eat
  135. Rebuke and leave those who ask for signs in order to believe – Matthew 16:1-4
    1. Do not entertain those who do not want to obey truth but want you to prove yourself
  136. Be on your guard against the teachings of religious people – Matthew 16:5-11
    1. Be careful to not be infested by the fasle teachings of seemingly godly leaders
  137. Trust in God for supernatural provision to meet people’s needs – Matthew 16:8-10
    1. Don’t worry about not having enough money to help people. Trust God to provide miraculously when you are only trying to help others
  138. Confess that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of the Living God – Matthew 16:15-17
    1. This is to be your confession of who Jesus is. Do not require more of others than Jesus did
  139. Don’t tell everyone all truth you know all the time – Matthew 16:20
    1. Sometimes certain truth should not yet be revealed. Timing should always be considered when sharing
  140. Rebuke Satan when he speaks against God’s will – Matthew 16:22-23
    1. Do not entertain temptations from Satan to set aside God’s will. Always be concerned with God’s purposes and not merely human concerns
  141. Deny yourself and take up your cross and follow Jesus – Matthew 16:24
    1. You cannot be Jesus disciple unless you deny yourself and take up your personal cross and follow the teachings of Jesus
  142. Lose your life for Jesus – Matthew 16:25
    1. Forsake your own life’s ambitions for the ambitions and purposes of God
  143. Do good works as we will be judged by what we have done – Matthew 16:27
    1. Remember that we will be judged not by what we believed but by what we have done while we were alive
  144. Have significant spiritual experiences with a core group of men – Matthew 17:1-3
    1. Find a few disciples and go spend time in prayer and experiencing God’s presence together
  145. Rebuke demons – Matthew 17:18
    1. Is someone manifesting seizures and abnormal mental behavior – Rebuke demons and bring healing
  146. Have much faith in God’s power – Matthew 17:20
    1. Don’t doubt and be unable to drive out demons. Believe wholly in God’s power and nothing will be impossible for you
  147. Do things that you don’t have to in order to not cause offense – Matthew 17:24-27
    1. Just because God’s law does not bind you to something does not mean you should do it if it will be a stumbling block for others
  148. Take the lowly position of a child – Matthew 18:3-4
    1. Become humble and little like a child in order to inherit the Kingdom
  149. Welcome little children and do not cause them to stumble – Matthew 18:5-7
    1. Be kind to all the lowly and welcome them and never do anything to cause them to stumble
  150. Cut off anything in your life that causes you to stumble – Matthew 18:8-9
    1. Do not hold on to anything that causes sin. No matter the pain of getting rid of something do it immediately to prevent offense and not go to hell
  151. Do not despise God’s children – Matthew 18:10
    1. Do not do anything despiteful to them just because they are weak. Know that angels in heaven always look after them
  152. Search for lost children and help them – Matthew 18:11-14
    1. God does not want anyone of His children to perish. Seek them out and help them to persevere and inherit the Kingdom
  153. Confront those who sin in a Godly manner – Matthew 18:15-16
    1. Confront sin righteously. First just between the 2 of you, then with some other brothers, lastly tell it to the church
  154. Treat the unrepentant as pagans – Matthew 18:17
    1. Do not greet or treat unrepentant sinners as brethren. Treat them as pagans so they will be ashamed and repent
  155. Pray in agreement with other believers – Matthew 18:18-20
    1. Gather with others for prayer because when 2 or 3 agree in prayer there is power and God will surely act on their behalf
  156. Forgive others when they repent no matter how many times they have sinned – Matthew 18:21-35
    1. Do not keep a record of wrongs. Always forgive when someone repents
  157. Do not separate marriages – Matthew 19:5-6
    1. The two are one by God – Do not separate that
  158. Follow God’s perfect will – not His permitted – Matthew 19:8-9
    1. Do not find what we can get away with and still follow law – Find God’s will and do that
  159. Do not divorce your wife for anything other than immorality – Matthew 19:9
    1. Stay with your wife and never marry another
  160. Live like a Eunuch for the Kingdom if you can – Matthew 19:12
    1. If you can accept it and live like this then live without cares of marriage or family so you can take care of God’s Kingdom work
  161. Pray for children – Matthew 19:13-15
    1. Pray for children and do not hinder them from spiritual activities
  162. Rid yourself of any attachments and follow Jesus – Matthew 19:21-30
    1. Get rid of anything, money, possessions, etc. that will distract you from following Jesus and doing His work
  163. Be content with your rewards – Matthew 20:1-16
    1. Don’t be envious of others but be content and don’t charge God with not rewarding enough
  164. Give up your life to be a servant to others – Matthew 20:25-28
    1. Don’t try to be first but try to be last. Give up your own desires and serve others
  165. Make your appearance meek and not mighty – Matthew 21:5-6
    1. Be meek and approachable as a servant as Jesus who rode the donkey
  166. Have faith and do not doubt God’s power – Matthew 21:21-22
    1. Don’t doubt  but speak in faith and believe and then you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer
  167. Produce fruit of the Kingdom of God – Matthew 21:43
    1. Be those who God can expect to receive fruit from when He comes
  168. Accept God’s invitation to the Kingdom – Matthew 22:2-14
    1. Do not neglect the greatest invitation ever
  169. Invite all people you can to the Kingdom Feast – Matthew 22:8-9
    1. Go to the streets and give invitations to all for the great feast in the coming Kingdom
  170. Don’t let evil men trap you – Matthew 22:18
    1. Be on your guard and don’t let yourself be flattered or led into a trap
  171. Give the government what is theres and God what is His – Matthew 22:21
    1. Pay your taxes and give your life to Jesus
  172. Know the Scriptures & God’s Power – Matthew 22:29
    1. Make sure you fully know the Holy Scriptures in truth and also understand God’s great power and have faith in it
  173. Love God with all your heart – Matthew 22:37
    1. This is the greatest commandment
  174. Love your neighbor as yourself – Matthew 22:39
    1. This is the second greatest commandment
  175. Ask questions that will expose religious leaders – Matthew 22:41-46
    1. Use questions to false teachers in front of others so others can see and know the foolishness of what these leaders speak and leave it
  176. Obey your religious leaders but don’t do as they do – Matthew 23:2-3
    1. More so for OT times where there were men who sat in ‘Moses Seat’ due to physical lineage and must be obeyed
  177. Do not put heavy legalistic burdens on others – Matthew 23:4
    1. Don’t make things harder for disciples then they need to be or add things to God’s requirements that He does not require
  178. Do not love to be honored – Matthew 23:5-7
    1. Don’t ever seek any place or title of honor. That is for God and Christ
  179. Do not be called Rabbi, Father, or Teacher – Matthew 23:8-12
    1. Do not allow others to give you a title that would elevate you above others. Titles are for God and Christ only who rightfully bear them
  180. Give a portion of your income to ministry – Matthew 23:23
    1. Give a portion back to God of all that God gives you
  181. Do not neglect justice, mercy, and faithfulness – Matthew 23:23
    1. Don’t follow legalistic laws and yet miss the intent of the law itself, justice, mercy, and faithfulness
  182. Focus  on cleaning your inside not your outside – Matthew 23:26
    1. Do not clean up your outward life but clean up your inward life and then your outward life will follow
  183. Gather God’s children together – Matthew 23:37
    1. Make disciples but also find disciples and gather them with other disciples to build family
  184. Be careful no false prophet deceives you – Matthew 24:4-11
    1. Do not let yourself be tricked by false prophets and false messiahs. They will come but do not listen to them
  185. Stand firm to the end – Matthew 24:12-13
    1. Do not let your love for God and Christ grow cold but fan it into a fire and stay firm till the end and so be saved
  186. Preach the gospel of the Kingdom to the whole world – Matthew 24:14
    1. Tell everyone the gospel of the Kingdom. Let everyone hear and know
  187. Flee when you see abomination standing in the holy place – Matthew 24:15-20
    1. When you see the prophecies come true and abomination that causes desolation standing in the oly place then flee far away
  188. Pray that your flight be not in winter or sabbath – Matthew 24:20
    1. Pray that when you need to flee that it is will not be a bad time physically for your flight
  189. Do not believe false messiahs due to their signs – Matthew 24:24-28
    1. Many will perform great signs and wonders to deceive. Do not get deceived by these false messiahs and their wonders
  190. Keep watch and be ready for the day of the Lord – Matthew 24:42-44
    1. Do not get caught off guard. Be watchful and always ready for Jesus to return and find you holy and spotless
  191. Be found doing God’s will when Jesus returns – Matthew 24:45-51
    1. Make sure Jesus finds you doing His fathers will when he returns. You will then be blessed with much and not cut in pieces with the hypocrites
  192. Be filled with God’s Spirit doing His will when Jesus returns – Matthew 25:1-13
    1. Do not just be barely getting by spiritually but be overflowing with the Holy Spirit so when hard times come you will not fall away and will always be ready
  193. Be diligent and multiply the gifts God has given to you – Matthew 25:14-30
    1. Use the gifts God has given you to produce fruit in His Kingdom. Do not be lazy and just seek to save yourself and not others
  194. Feed, Cloth, Visit, and Invite in children of God – Matthew 25:31-46
    1. Give food and water and clothes to God children and visit them in sickness or imprisonment and invite them to your home when they have nothing
  195. Devote your possessions to Jesus – Matthew 26:13
    1. Use your money for meeting the needs of Jesus. Doing His will on the earth
  196. Don’t ever betray Jesus – Matthew 26:24
    1. It would be better to have not been born then to betray Jesus in any way
  197. Eat the bread and drink from the cup – Matthew 26:26-29
    1. Eat the bread which is Jesus body he gives as sacrifice and drink the cup which is the blood he sheds for the forgiveness of sins
  198. Sing hymns together – Matthew 26:30
    1. Don’t just teach and share and eat the Lord’s supper but also sing together
  199. Take a couple close brothers with you for intense prayer – Matthew 26:37
    1. Pray with other close brothers when you have severe needs
  200. Watch and pray – Matthew 26:41
    1. Be on your guard and prayerful, otherwise you may enter into temptation and sin because the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
  201. Pray that God’s will would be done – Matthew 26:39&42
    1. Pray for the things you desire but let your ultimate will and prayer be that God’s will would be done and not your own
  202. Do not make sleep priority over a immediate need of Christ – Matthew 26:40&45
    1. Sacrifice sleep when there is a need. Don’t focus on your own physical needs
  203. Don’t always answer your accusers – Matthew 27:11-14
    1. You don’t always have to defend yourself. Many times your silence condemns what they already know is wrong
  204. Go make Disciples of all Nations baptizing them – Matthew 28:19
    1. It is Jesus last words and desire that we go and make disciples of all nations
  205. Teach people to obey everything Jesus commanded – Matthew 28:20
    1. Know everything that Jesus taught and then teach it to others
  206. MARK
  207. Proclaim the Good News of God – Mark 1:14
    1. Be like Jesus who right away began preaching the good news of God
  208. Tell others to ‘Repent and Believe the good news”  – Mark 1:15
    1. Your message to others is to be that it is time that they should turn from their sins and believe the good news of God’s love and Kingdom
  209. Call others to follow Jesus – Mark 1:17
    1. Don’t just follow Jesus but call others to follow Jesus
  210. Send others out to fish for people – Mark 1:17
    1. Teach others how to make disciples of all nations
  211. Teach with Authority – Mark 1:22
    1. Don’t be timid. Speak God’s Word with authority and power so others may know that this is different, this is real
  212. Go to sick people and pray for them – Mark 1:30-31
    1. When you hear of sick people go and pray for them for healing and be a blessing to them
  213. Get up very early to go to a solitary place and pray – Mark 1:35
    1. Spend time with God early in the morning in secluded places where it is just you and God
  214. Preach in towns and villages – Mark 1:38-39
    1. Find populated places and preach to the people
  215. Preach the word to people who gather – Mark 2:2
    1. See people gathering? Preach the Word to them
  216. Encourage those who have faith – Mark 2:5
    1. When you see faith in others encourage them
  217. Let the wicked see and know the truth – Mark 2:10
    1. Even evil religious leaders should hear and know the truth
  218. Eat with sinners and call them – Mark 2:15-17
    1. Don’t be holier than thou. Go and be with sinners to call them to repentance and life in Jesus
  219. Don’t try to serve God in Old Covenant ways – Mark 2:18-22
    1. The Kingdom is here, serve God in the new ways of oneness with God and not in the old ways of religious acts not from the heart
  220. Don’t let law trump good toward man – Mark 2:23-28
    1. The law was made to help man. Don’t enforce a law when it actually does the opposite of what it was intended to do just to be legalistically correct
  221. Show evil people their error – Mark 3:2-4
    1. Use questions to show people where their beliefs or actions are wrong
  222. Choose people to disciple and send out  – Mark 3:13-15
    1. Teach others what you know and send them out to preach and wage war against Satan
  223. Never blaspheme the Holy Spirit – Mark 3:29
    1. Do not ever speak against the work of God’s Holy Spirit as there is no forgiveness for this
  224. Make those who do God’s will your true family – Mark 3:31-35
    1. Treat those who obey God and are His children as your true family. Put them above all other people on the planet, even physical family
  225. Teach to crowds in parables – Mark 4:1-2
    1. User stories to share truths
  226. Be merciful even to the wickedest beings – Mark 5:12-13
    1. If Jesus was merciful to the demons, how much more merciful to the person controlled by them? Be always merciful
  227. Don’t stay where you are unwelcomed – Mark 5:17-18
    1. If people plead with you to leave them then leave. Don’t force the gift of God on anyone
  228. Tell all your own people about God’s wonderful acts and mercy towards you – Mark 5:19
    1. Don’t just be excited to go share with strangers. Tell everyone you know personally about God’s mercy and power in your life
  229. Be overly filled with the power of God – Mark 5:29-30
    1. Be so filled with God’s power that if people touch you they will be changed
  230. Let people know that their faith is what heals them – Mark 5:34
    1. Point people to faith in God. This is the only true power to save from all troubles
  231. Don’t be afraid but only believe – Mark 5:36
    1. Don’t be discouraged by men, even supposed God’ly men. Just believe in God and His willingness to heal and help
  232. Be concerned about all needs of people, Healing & Food – Mark 5:43
    1. Don’t just be concerned with spiritual and physical healing. Also help with with basic needs
  233. Teach in Religious buildings – Mark 6:2
    1. Go where the religious are and teach them the truth
  234. Be amazed at people’s lack of faith – Mark 6:6
    1. Don’t condone or accept worldly doubt
  235. Take nothing for your evangelism journey – Mark 6:8
    1. Take no money or bread or even staff
  236. When you enter a house stay till you leave the town – Mark 6:10
    1. Stay where people welcome you and continue working there for the Kingdom
  237. Shake dust off your feet against those who will not listen to you – Mark 6:11
    1. Do not simply leave unaccepting people but let them know God’s disapproval as a testimony against them
  238. Go out and preach that people should repent – Mark 6:12
    1. Speak to groups and individuals and tell them the need repent of all sin and serve God
  239. Drive out demons and heal the sick – Mark 6:13
    1. Cast out wicked spirits and pray for and anoint the sick with oil for healing
  240. Go to quiet places and get rest – Mark 6:31
    1. Don’t purposely wear yourself out in ministry. Go for retreats out in quiet places for rest
  241. Have compassion on people even when your tired – Mark 6:34
    1. Always think of others first even before your physical needs
  242. Teach those who are like sheep without a shepherd – Mark 6:34
    1. Be a mentor and example to those who need one
  243. Have faith for the impossible to meet people’s needs – Mark 6:37-44
    1. Use faith to obtain things needed by people you are ministering to
  244. Go out to lonely places to pray – Mark 6:46
    1. Take time to get alone with God out in nature to talk with Him
  245. Rebuke those who teach Traditions in place of God’s Word – Mark 7:1-13
    1. Let others see and know the evilness of teaching mans tradition instead of purely God’s Word
  246. Do not put your own traditions above God’s Commands – Mark 7:8-9
    1. Do not allow the traditions of your family or religious community trump the commands of God. Never set aside God’s commands
  247. Rid yourself of evil within your heart – Mark 7:20-23
    1. Make your heart clean because it is the source of all outward evils. Focus on the inward and not the outward
  248. Have compassion on all people who exhibit faith – Mark 7:29
    1. Even when not the norm, if someone shows they have faith then go out of your way to help them
  249. Be concerned about people’s physical needs and help them – Mark 8:2-3
    1. Do not only be about people’s spiritual needs and neglect their physical. Be merciful and have compassion on those who are suffering physically and help them
  250. Give thanks for all food before you eat – Mark 8:6-7
    1. He gave thanks for the bread and then also again for the fish. Thank God for your food specifically before you partake
  251. Do not ask God for signs in order for you to obey – Mark 8:11-12
    1. Do not request or require signs from God. Be obedient and have faith without signs and wonders and you will be blessed
  252. Do not have hard hearts but have eyes to see and ears to hear – Mark 8:14-21
    1. Get spiritual perception which comes from faith 
  253. Don’t give up when praying for healing – Mark 8:22-25
    1. If you pray and healing does not occur then continue praying till it manifests
  254. Get people to confess that Jesus is the Messiah – Mark 8:29
    1. Only through belief in who Jesus is, the Son of God, the Messiah, can people be saved. Get them to understand and confess this
  255. Be spiritually minded and do not be merely concerned with human concerns – Mark 8:33
    1. Be mindful of God’s ultimate purposes and will and do not put human concerns before God’s concerns
  256. Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Jesus – Mark 8:34
    1. If you want to be Jesus disciple you must deny your own desires and do God’s will
  257. Do not save your life and desires but loose them for Jesus and the Gospel – Mark 8:35
    1. If you want to preserve your own life you will lose it but if you lose your life and ambitions for Jesus you will save it
  258. Do not forfeit your soul for the worlds pleasures – Mark 8:35-37
    1. Nothing is more important than your soul and eternal life. Do not trade the eternal for that which does not last
  259. Do not be ashamed of Jesus or He will be ashamed of you when He comes – Mark 8:38
    1. Never reject Jesus or His teachings for this world or when He comes he will be ashamed of you and reject you when He comes back
  260. Don’t be unbelieving and grieve Jesus – Mark 9:19
    1. Don’t make Jesus put up with your unbelief
  261. Believe and all things will be possible to you – Mark 9:23
    1. Everything can be done by a person who has faith. Walk in this type of faith
  262. Command evil spirits to come out of people and never come back – Mark 9:25
    1. Speak to evil spirits. Command them in authority to be gone and tell them to never enter again
  263. Fast and Pray for hard to drive out spirits – Mark 9:29
    1. If you are having problems casting out an evil spirit spend time in fasting and prayer
  264. If you want to be First become Last and the Servant of everyone – Mark 9:35
    1. You must make yourself everyone’s servant if you want to be the greatest in the end
  265. Welcome little children – Mark 9:37
    1. Be kind to little children and always be welcoming to them
  266. Welcome God himself by welcoming little children – Mark 9:37
    1. By welcoming little children you welcome Jesus and His Father who sent him
  267. Do not stop anyone from doing works in Jesus name – Mark 9:39-40
    1. Anyone who is not against Jesus if for Jesus. Do not try to stop anyone from doing works that honor Jesus just because they are not part of your group
  268. Do good to those who belong to Jesus – Mark 9:41
    1. Always do good to anyone who bears the name of Jesus and you will not lose your reward
  269. Never cause anyone who belongs to Jesus to sin – Mark 9:42
    1. One of the worst things you could ever do is to cause a believer in Jesus to sin. Always be careful that you never make them stumble in anything
  270. Cut off anything in your life that causes you to sin – Mark 9:43-48
    1. No matter how painful it is you must cut off anything in your life that causes you to act in any sinful way contrary to Jesus
  271. Be the salt of the world and be at peace with each other – Mark 9:49-50
    1. Never lose your saltiness and always do everything you can to be at peace with other disciples of Jesus
  272. Do not separate what God has joined in Marriage – Mark 10:2-9
    1. Do not divorce your wife. You became one flesh and are not to be separated
  273. Do not divorce and marry another as that is adultery – Mark 10:11-12
    1. Divorcing someone to marry another is evil and God hates it. It is adultery!
  274. Receive the Kingdom of God like a little child – Mark 10:14-15
    1. Have the innocent believing heart of a child in receiving the kingdom or you will not enter
  275. Bless little children – Mark 10:16
    1. Take time to bless little kids 🙂
  276. Do not accept the title of ‘good’ as only God is Good – Mark 10:18
    1. Make sure you only ascribe perfect goodness as an attribute of God and let others know that ultimately all goodness is only from Him
  277. Keep the commandments of God – Mark 10:19
    1. Know and keep the commandments that God has given
  278. Sell everything you have and give to the poor and follow Jesus – Mark 10:20
    1. Hold on to nothing in this world. Let everything you have be dedicated to the mission of Jesus
  279. Put Jesus and preaching the gospel above homes, family, and possessions – Mark 10:29-30
    1. Do not let anything of this world hinder you from doing the work of Christ
  280. Be last in this world to be first in the next – Mark 10:31
    1. Put yourself last in regards to homes, fields, family, possessions in this world and God will put you first and bless you greatly
  281. Give up your life and be a slave to all and serve all – Mark 10:42-45
    1. Do not seek power and authority over others. Seek only to be a servant and give your life for the wellbeing of others
  282. Have faith in Jesus and be healed – Mark 10:51-52
    1. Jesus wants to heal so have faith in Him, His power, and His desire to heal and be healed
  283. Do not use religion for personal gain – Mark 11:15-17
    1. Don’t ever sell or charge for the message of reconciliation. Freely you have received, freely give
  284. Have faith in God that whatever you say in faith will happen – Mark 11:23
    1. Speak to circumstances in faith and believe that God will back you as work for Him and His kingdom
  285. When you pray believe that you have already received what you ask for – Mark 11:24
    1. Believe and act as though you know that God has heard your prayer and it is a done deal that you have what you have asked for
  286. When praying be sure you forgive everyone their sins so God may forgive you – Mark 11:25
    1. Never ask God for anything if you have not forgiven another person. God will not forgive or give anything to those who do not forgive others
  287. Don’t give answers to those who only seek to destroy truth – Mark 11:29-33
    1. Don’t give dogs what is holy. Some only seek to trap and hurt and are not worthy of answers and truth
  288. Be faithful to produce fruit for God with what He has entrusted to you – Mark 12:1-11
    1. We must take account of what God has entrusted us with and be sure to bear fruit for Him or it will be taken away and given to other
  289. Give the government what is theirs and God what is His – Mark 12:15-17
    1. Pay what is owed to the government and give to God what is due to Him
  290. Know the Scriptures and the Power of God – Mark 12:24
    1. Study the Scriptures and know them fully and be sure you do not know them alone but also know the power of God that brought them forth
  291. Recognize that there is only One God – Mark 12:29
    1. The Lord God is One God. Do not put anything above the Father who is the One True God above all
  292. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength – Mark 12:30
    1. Put everything you have into loving God. Make Him first in all things in your life with all your time, talents, and all your entire being
  293. Love your neighbor as yourself – Mark 12:31
    1. Love other people just as much as you love yourself. Do not put your own desires and needs above the needs of other people
  294. Loving God as One & your neighbor is more important than any religious acts – Mark 12:31-33
    1. Never put some religious act or tradition above the basic commands of putting God first above all things, loving Him with all you have, and loving your neighbor as yourself
  295. Be on your guard against teachers of the law – Mark 12:38-40
    1. Don’t let your guard down around religious teachers who love their positions and titles. They will mislead you so never fall into their traps or become like them
  296. Don’t only give that which cost you nothing – Mark 12:41-44
    1. If you give only little out of your wealth that costs you nothing you have no reward. Give where it hurts and where it takes from what you desire
  297. Watch out for deceivers claiming to be the messiah – Mark 13:5-6
    1. Be on your guard. People will come and claim to be the messiah and deceive many
  298. Do not be alarmed when you hear of wars & natural disasters – Mark 13:7-8
    1. Know that these things must come before the end so do not let them upset you
  299. Be on your guard as you will be arrested for your witness of Jesus – Mark 13:9
    1. Watch out and be ready because your message will not be tolerated.
  300. Be witnesses to those who arrest you and harm you – Mark 13:9
    1. When you are arrested and brought before government powers witness to them of Jesus
  301. Preach the gospel to all nations – Mark 13:10
    1. Before all these things happen the gospel must reach all nations. Be diligent to get the gospel out to all nations
  302. Do not worry what to say when you are arrested but rely on the Holy Spirit – Mark 13:11
    1. Don’t think about what to say but rather be filled with the Holy Spirit at all times so that when this happens He will give you the words to say
  303. Stand firm in the gospel till the end – Mark 13:12-13
    1. When everyone hates you and betrays you do not give up. Stand firm in both your believe and in your life of dedication to God and His work till the end and you will be saved
  304. Flee to the mountains when you see the abomination that causes desolation standing where it does not belong – Mark 13:13-19
    1. Run away and hide when you see this. Do not stay where you are for it will be a dreadful time
  305. Pray that this horrible time does not take place during winter – Mark 13:18
    1. Ask God that these horrible things will not take place during bad weather or times that will make it difficult for you to flea
  306. Be on your guard and do not believe anyone who says ‘look here is the messiah’ – Mark 13:21-23
    1. Watch and do not be deceived by false messiahs and false prophets who will appear and perform wonders but speak deceit
  307. Learn from the fig tree how to interpret the signs and know the end is near – Mark 13:28-31
    1. Be wise and learn from nature to discern the signs of the times and be ready for Christ’s appearing
  308. Be on guard and be alert and stay fruitful for Jesus coming – Mark 13:32-35
    1. You do not know when Jesus is coming back so always be alert and ready and doing the will of the Lord so when He returns He finds you doing so
  309. Watch and do not let Jesus find you sleeping when He returns – Mark 13:36-37
    1. Do not let the things of this world lull you to spiritual sleep but be diligent to stay away and watchful in the work of the Lord so He does not find you sleeping at His return
  310. Don’t rebuke people for spending money on honoring the Lord – Mark 14:6-9
    1. You will always have the poor but some moments to honor the Lord come and go and opportunity must be taken
  311. Never betray Jesus – Mark 14:21
    1. It would be better to have never been born than to betray Jesus
  312. Eat the Bread and Drink the Wine of The Lord’s Supper – Mark 14:22-25
    1. Partake in the Lord’s supper to remember his sacrifice and His coming again soon
  313. Sing a spiritual song after the Lord’s Supper – Mark 14:26
    1. Sing hymns or spiritual songs to continue in a spiritual state after the Lord’s Supper
  314. Pray hard when you are deeply distressed or troubled – Mark 14:32-34
    1. Spend time in prayer when life gets extremely difficult
  315. Pray that God’s will and not your own would be done – Mark 14:36
    1. Do not pray your own will but rather that ultimately God’s will would be done in all things
  316. Watch and pray that you do not fall into temptation – Mark 14:37-38
    1. You have an enemy seeking to kill you and your flesh is weak. Be on your guard and pray hard so that you do not fall into temptation and sin
  317. Don’t be slow to believe others testimony to truth – Mark 16:14
    1. When others testify what God has done in accordance with the scriptures believe them and don’t require personal physical proof
  318. Go into all the world and preach the Gospel – Mark 16:15
    1. Get the message of the gospel out to the entire world. This is the last command and parting words of our Lord and His supreme will
  319. Believe and be baptized to be saved – Mark 16:15-16
    1. Believe the gospel and be baptized into Jesus and you will be saved. Do not and you will be condemned
  320. Expect signs to accompany those who believe – Mark 16:17-20
    1. The Lord has promised that signs will follow those who believe. Pray for and expect to see these signs in those who believe
  321. LUKE
  322. Grow strong in Wisdom and Grace – Luke 2:40
    1. Do all you can to grow stronger each day in wisdom and in favor with God as Jesus
  323. Always put God’s work first above family – Luke 2:49
    1. God’s work of revealing the message of reconciliation to the world must be first priority above all. Never put family or anything else before this
  324. Be obedient to your parents – Luke 2:51
    1. Always honor and obey your parents
  325. Prepare before beginning your ministry – Luke 3:23
    1. Do not jump into the Work of God before you are prepared. Spend time growing in wisdom, holiness, and power that you may be ready to minister
  326. You shall not live on bread alone – Luke 4:4
    1. Do not let your fulfillment come from physical bread alone
  327. Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only – Luke 4:8
    1. Do not worship or serve anyone other than God
  328. Do not put the Lord your God to the test – Luke 4:12
    1. Don’t put yourself purposely in harms way to test God and see if He will protect you
  329. Proclaim good news to the poor – Luke 4:18
    1. Preach the gospel of the Kingdom and Jesus to the poor
  330. Proclaim freedom for the prisoners – Luke 4:18
    1. Preach freedom from slavery to sin and darkness
  331. Proclaim recovery of sight for the blind – Luke 4:18
    1. Proclaim physical and spiritual sight and wisdom to know truth
  332. Set the oppressed free – Luke 4:18
    1. Through sharing truth and praying and casting out demons set the oppressed of the devil free
  333. Proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor – Luke 4:18
    1. Teach people of God’s mercy and grace available now in Christ
  334. Do not behave familiar with God’s prophets – Luke 4:23-27
    1. Don’t miss God’s blessing by not receiving because you are too familiar with the vessel it is coming from
  335. Command impure spirits to come out with authority and power – Luke 4:36
    1. Don’t be timid towards Satan and his oppression. Speak with authority and cast out his demons
  336. Rebuke sickness that it may leave – Luke 4:39
    1. As Jesus rebuked the fever also rebuke all sickness that it may leave
  337. Proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God to all cities – Luke 4:43-44
    1. Make it your life’s aim and purpose to share the good news of God’s Kingdom with all cities within your reach
  338. Fish for People – Luke 5:10
    1. Seek to pull people into the net of God’s grace and mercy and reconciliation
  339. Withdraw often to remote places and pray – Luke 5:16
    1. Take time often to go to places where there are no other people and spend time with just God
  340. Follow Jesus above all things – Luke 5:27-28
    1. Learn from Jesus and follow His ways above every other priority in your life
  341. Spend time with sinners to save them – Luke 5:30-32
    1. Don’t avoid sinners but rather spend time with them when you can, not to be worldly, but to share with them the message of repentance and salvation from sin
  342. Call sinners to repentance – Luke 5:323
    1. Sinners are like sick people who need to get well and you are the doctor. Get with them for the purpose of calling them to repentance from their sin
  343. Do not try to put the new Way into old religion law – Luke 5:35-39
    1. Don’t attempt to serve God through legalistic laws of do and don’t but rather serve him in a new and living way and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth
  344. Don’t be legalistic about the sabbath – Luke 6:1-15
    1. Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath and we worship in a new way. Do not condemn others for not rigidly keeping the sabbath
  345. Don’t put Law over Love – Luke 6:6-11
    1. When presented with doing an act of love towards someone vs. keeping a rigid law always put the act of love first
  346. Spend long periods of time praying to God – Luke 6:12
    1. Like Jesus, go out to get alone with God and spend long periods of time with Him
  347. Choose specific people to disciple more intimately – Luke 6:13
    1. Teach the Word to everyone but choose a small group of people to focus on discipling in the ways of Jesus
  348. Be always filled with God’s power – Luke 6:19
    1. Be so filled with God’s power all the time that others want to be around you because of the blessing that flows from you
  349. Do not accumulate wealth – Luke 6:20
    1. The Kingdom of God belongs to the poor so store your treasures in heaven
  350. Hunger and weep now when required – Luke 6:21
    1. If for the gospel sake you hunger or weep now you will be filled and rejoice later
  351. Be hated for Jesus sake – Luke 6:22
    1. Always take Jesus side on all things even though the world will hate you
  352. Rejoice and leap for joy when you are hated for Jesus sake – Luke 6:23
    1. Be exceedingly joyful when you are hated for Jesus because it means you have a great reward in heaven
  353. Do not seek comfort, and honor in this world – Luke 6:24-26
    1. Always put Jesus and His mission first and never your own comfort, wealth, or honor among men of this world
  354. Love, do good to, bless, and pray for your enemies – Luke 6:27-28
    1. Be a blessing to those who are your enemies and treat them with love and remember them in prayer before God
  355. Do not fight the evil being done to you – Luke 6:29-30
    1. When sinners slap you and take your possessions do not resist them and fight in an ungodly manner that would malign the name of Jesus
  356. Give to everyone that asks of you – Luke 6:30
    1. Do not withhold blessing to someone who asks of you when you have the power to do so and it is the right thing to do 
  357. Do not demand your possessions back when someone steals from you – Luke 6:30
    1. As the proverbs say, do not despise a thief when he steals to satisfy his hunger. Rather write it off as a gift to the poor
  358. Do to others as you would have them do to you – Luke 6:31
    1. Whatever you would want people to do to you, that do to all people
  359. Love, do good to, and lend to your enemies without expecting anything back – Luke 6:32-35
    1. Be kind and open handed to your enemies with blessing and lend them anything they need without expectations of receiving anything back
  360. Be merciful to your enemies as your Father is merciful – Luke 6:35-36
    1. As God is kind and merciful to the ungrateful and wicked so also you must be kind and merciful to them expecting nothing in return
  361. Do not judge or condemn others but rather forgive – Luke 6:37
    1. Do not seek to judgment and condemnation on others but rather forgive them and seek their good and your Father will do the same towards you
  362. Give to Others in good measure – Luke 6:38
    1. Give to others in large appropriate measure and it will be given back to you by God in an even greater measure
  363. Get rid of all sin in your own life before trying to help others stop sinning – Luke 6:39-42
    1. The blind cannot lead the blind so make sure you are free from sin before pointing out or trying to help others with their sin
  364. Store up good things in your heart that will overflow to others – Luke 6:43-45
    1. Your mouth and life will speak and put forth whatever you store in your heart so store up good things in your heart so it will overflow goodness to others in word and deed
  365. Do not just call Jesus Lord but follow and obey His teachings – Luke 6:46-49
    1. Don’t call Jesus your Lord if you are not making his teachings your way of life and actually following them
  366. Recognize how much you have been forgiven of and love God much – Luke 7:40-47
    1. Don’t forget all your sins and wickedness that God has graciously covered through Jesus. Use that remembrance to spur you to love Him for His mercy as at the first
  367. Proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God from town to town – Luke 8:1
    1. Purposely and strategically do all you can to tell others everywhere the good news about the Kingdom of God
  368. Hear God’s Word, retain it, persevere and produce a crop of good fruit – Luke 8:11-15
    1. Don’t let Satan steal the Word from you or let trials and temptations or worldly concerns diminish its power. Hold fast to the Word and bear fruit for Jesus
  369. Put your light on display – Luke 8:16
    1. Don’t hide the light of the Word and your changed life. Put it on display that others may be saved
  370. Be careful to hear, understand, and obey God’s Word – Luke 8:18
    1. Be sure you make use of what you have and you will be given more. If not the little you do have will be take away from you
  371. Make your true family those who hear and obey God’s Word – Luke 8:21
    1. Make disciples your closest family and friends. They are to be before everyone of the world as they are your true eternal family with the same Father
  372. Don’t fear natural disaster but have Faith in God for protection – Luke 8:25
    1. Remember that Jesus is with you and will protect you so don’t fear disaster
  373. When people don’t receive your message and ask you to leave then leave them – Luke 8:37
    1. Don’t spend time with those who do not receive you. If they ask you to stop sharing God’s Word with them then leave and stop
  374. Tell others in your hometown how much God has done for you – Luke 8:39
    1. Don’t keep secret the things God has done for you but proclaim them to all you know that they may know of the Fathers goodness
  375. Be so filled with Power that it will affect anyone that touches you – Luke 8:46
    1. Be endued with Power from on High so greatly that it’s available to anyone who touches you
  376. Let people know that their faith has healed them – Luke 8:48
    1. When people act in faith and are healed let them know why they were healed so they can tap into that power of faith in the future
  377. Don’t be afraid of disaster but just believe – Luke 8:50
    1. Do not fear sickness and death but have faith in Jesus for healing
  378. Don’t forget to minister to people’s physical needs of food when ministering healing – Luke 8:55
    1. Have concern for peoples hunger and thirst and not only their spiritual needs
  379. Get power and authority from Jesus for ministry – Luke 9:1
    1. Power and authority to drive out demons and cure diseases comes from Jesus. Seek this power from Him to assist in the ministry
  380. Proclaim the Kingdom of God and heal the sick – Luke 9:2
    1. Tell people about the Kingdom of God and heal the sick in Jesus name
  381. Take nothing with you on your mission to Preach and Teach – Luke 9:3
    1. At times take nothing extra when you go to minister
  382. When someone welcomes you stay in that home until you leave the town – Luke 9:4
    1. Don’t move house to house. Find a person of peace, stay with them, and work from and through them to reach those around them
  383. Shake the dust of your feet as a testimony against those who do not receive you – Luke 9:5
    1. If people do not welcome you them let them know that you as God’s agent are rejecting them as a testimony against them and a warning
  384. Welcome all people and teach them about the Kingdom of God and heal those in need – Luke 9:11
    1. Be welcoming to anyone who comes to you and share the good news and pray for healing for the sick
  385. Feed people physical food when needed and rely on God to provide – Luke 9:12-17
    1. Take care of people’s physical needs and relay on the power of God to assist you in this endeavor just as he does for spiritual needs
  386. Take up your cross daily and follow Jesus – Luke 9:23
    1. If you want to be Jesus disciple you must deny yourself your personal ambitions and do the will of Jesus daily
  387. Loose your life for Jesus so you will save it – Luke 9:24-25
    1. Loose your own personal ambitions for doing the will of God and you will save your life eternally
  388. Take close disciples with you to remote places to pray – Luke 9:28
    1. Have prayer meetings with your closest disciple friends in remote places to seek after God
  389. Don’t’ be unbelieving and make Jesus put up with you – Luke 9:41
    1. Act in full faith and power and don’t make Jesus distraught that you cannot work the works of God because you have no faith
  390. Welcome those sent by Jesus though they are the least – Luke 9:47-48
    1. Don’t focus on welcoming people of power but welcome the littlest disciples. When you welcome the least sent by Jesus you welcome Jesus and His Father
  391. Do not interfere or impede anyone who is doing good works in Jesus name – Luke 9:49-50
    1. Do not stop these people just because they are not with you. Whoever is not against you is for you and helpful to the mission
  392. Don’t worry about having a place to stay when ministering the gospel – Luke 9:57-58
    1. Be willing to have nothing to serve Jesus and do His work
  393. Don’t concern yourself with earthly matters but rather preach the Kingdom of God – Luke 9:59-62
    1. There are many earthly matters such as funerals, family events, nation events, etc. Put proclaiming the Kingdom of God above all these things
  394. Use several witnesses in preparing one for salvation – Luke 10:1
    1. If you have opportunity use some people for initial preparation for hearing the Word and others to bring home the Word
  395. Pray to God that He would send workers out to save souls – Luke 10:2
    1. There are many people ready to hear God’s Word and be saved. Pray that God would send out people to go and share His message with them
  396. Go out into the world and harvest souls for Jesus – Luke 10:2
    1. Don’t just pray that God would send others and not go yourself. Go out yourself because there are many who just need to hear in order to be saved
  397. Do not stop or worry about physical needs when going out to share – Luke 10:4
    1. The matter is urgent. Do not worry about having perfect amount of supplies or many supposed ministry needs. The main need is you are holy and have the Word
  398. Great a person first with a message of peace – Luke 10:5
    1. Your first message to a person should be a message of peace. That you wish them well and that is why you are are speaking with them
  399. If someone receives you then stay with them and work from their home – Luke 10:6-8
    1. When someone in an area receives you and your message then stay working through that person and their resources to reach others
  400. As you go out Heal the Sick – Luke 10:9
    1. Before doing anything offer to pray for people and heal them
  401. Tell others about the Kingdom of God and that it is near to them – Luke 10:9
    1. After praying and healing let people know that the power and Kingdom of God has touched them and is near for their taking if they will repent and beleive
  402. Testify against people who will not welcome you – Luke 10:10-12
    1. When people do not receive you and your message let them know the Kingdom of God was near and they have rejected it and judgment day will be horrible for them
  403. When you see the power of God repent – Luke 10:13
    1. Do not be stubborn when you see the work of God in your life. Respond in repentance and faith and turn from your sins
  404. Listen to and do not reject Jesus – Luke 10:16
    1. Do not reject Jesus as rejecting Him is the same as rejecting God who sent Him
  405. Do not rejoice that you have power but rejoice that your names are written in heaven – Luke 10:20
    1. Rejoice in the great fact that God knows who you are and you will inherit the kingdom.
  406. Love God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind – Luke 10:27-28
    1. Make God your supreme affection of everything that you are
  407. Love your neighbor as yourself – Luke 10:27-28
    1. Love other people in the same way you love yourself
  408. All men, even your enemies, are your neighbor – Luke 10:29-37
    1. We must not pick and choose who to love as ourselves. All men must be loved
  409. Show mercy on everyone in need when in your power – Luke 10:29-37
    1. When you see people in need then give of your time and resources to help them
  410. Don’t be distracted by seemingly important things but make Jesus teachings paramount – Luke 10:38-42
    1. Many things appear good and needful but the most important thing is to hear from Jesus and obey His teachings
  411. Use the Lord’s Prayer as a Model for prayer – Luke 11:2
    1. Make Jesus model of prayer your model of how you pray to God – Use this simple pattern to structure your prayers
  412. Pray: That God’s name would be hallowed – Luke 11:2
    1. Pray for God’s name to be honored in your life and in all the world
  413. Pray: That God’s Kingdom would come – Luke 11:2
    1. Pray that God’s Kingdom would come spiritually now in men’s lives and soon come down physically to the new earth
  414. Pray: That God would give us our daily bread – Luke 11:3
    1. Pray that God would provide all our basic needs so we can live and be fruitful for Him
  415. Pray: That God would forgive us our sins – Luke 11:4
    1. Pray that God would forgive us for any debts or sins we have committed towards him or others as we also forgive them
  416. Pray: That God would not lead us into temptation – Luke 11:4
    1. Pray that God would prevent us from being in situations where temptation to sin would be very great
  417. Be persistent in prayer for things till God answers you – Luke 11:5-13
    1. Don’t stop asking, seeking, or knocking on God’s door till you receive an answer to your prayer for He will reward your persistence
  418. Recognize physical demonic debilitation and cast the demons out – Luke 11:14
    1. Be discerning as some things which appear as sickness or disease are from demons. Cast them out in Jesus name in order to bring healing
  419. Respond to evil men with spiritual logic to show them their wickedness – Luke 11:17-20
    1. At times show the wicked the error of their line of reasoning so their mouths can be stopped if not outwardly then inwardly they will know
  420. Bind Satan and his demonic forces first that deliverance and salvation may come – Luke 11:29
    1. Don’t attempt to heal and save before delivering from demons when demonic influence is seen as present
  421. Work with Jesus or you are are against him – Luke 11:23
    1. If you are not actively working with Jesus against Satan than you are working against Jesus
  422. Gather souls to God with Jesus – Luke 11:23
    1. Jesus is in the work of gathering souls, delivering them from the Power of Satan to the power of God. Work with Him in this work
  423. If delivered from demons be sure to be filled with the Holy Spirit – Luke 11:24-26
    1. Demons will re-infest a person who has not filled the void left after expulsion with the Spirit of Christ
  424. Hear the Word of God and obey it – Luke 11:28
    1. True blessing comes only to those who hear and obey God’s word
  425. Do not require signs from God before you repent – Luke 11:29-32
    1. Repent because the word you hear is true and do not require miraculous events before you will stop being stubborn
  426. Do not hide your light but put it on display – Luke 11:33
    1. Don’t put your life full of God’s goodness in hiding but put it on display so others may see what God has done
  427. Have healthy eyes – Luke 11:34-36
    1. Be sure that your motivation and intentions are pure in heart so that your entire being may be healthy
  428. If you are invited somewhere go and preach repentance – Luke 11:37-39
    1. If a wicked person invites you to their place or event then go and use the time to share faith and repentance and life
  429. Give to the poor – Luke 11:39-40
    1. Give to the poor and you will be clean inside
  430. Give to God a portion of your possessions – Luke 11:42
    1. Be sure to give to God a portion of what He has blessed you with
  431. Be just and love God – Luke 11:42
    1. Justice and love for God are the heart of the law and what me must make primary
  432. Do not love positions of honor – Luke 11:43
    1. Do not seek power or honor
  433. Do not load people down with burdensome laws not required – Luke 11:46
    1. Do not make it hard for people to serve God by making traditions and laws that go beyond what God Himself has required
  434. Do not take away the key of knowledge – Luke 11:52
    1. Do not make knowledge hard for people to obtain. Make sure you know the truth and share it freely
  435. Be on your guard against hypocrisy – Luke 12:1-3
    1. Don’t be influenced by the hypocritic religious leaders of the world. Remember nothing will be hidden on judgment so present yourself as you really are
  436. Do not fear men – Luke 12:4
    1. Men can only destroy your body which is temporal so do not fear them as they can do nothing more
  437. Fear God, Yes Fear Him – Luke 12:5
    1. Only God is able to cast you into hell and destroy your very soul. Fear Him
  438. Do not be afraid of being forgotten by God – Luke 12:6-7
    1. God knows the number of hairs on your head and you are worth much to Him. Don’t fear that he will not protect and watch over you
  439. Publicly acknowledge Jesus before others – Luke 12:8
    1. Stand up for Jesus and His message whenever you have the chance and He will stand up for you before the angles and the judgment of God
  440. Never disown Jesus before others – Luke 12:9
    1. Don’t ever explicitly or implicitly deny Jesus before others or He will deny knowing you in the judgment
  441. Don’t ever speak against the Holy Spirit and His work – Luke 12:10
    1. Never speak against the power of God manifest among men as this will not be forgiven
  442. Do not worry beforehand how to defend yourself or what to say to accusers – Luke 12:11-12
    1. The Holy Spirit will give you words to say to your accusers so don’t worry beforehand about what you will say
  443. Be on your guard against all kinds of greed – Luke 12:13-15
    1. Be careful not to worry about how much money or possessions you receive in this life. This life is not about these things and greed destroys what matters
  444. Be generous with your possessions to the work of God – Luke 12:16-21
    1. Don’t hoard possessions for yourself so you can take life easy but rather be rich towards God and His purposes on this earth with your possessions
  445. Do not worry about your life and your basic needs – Luke 12:22-30
    1. God knows about all your needs and will take care of them so do not be as the pagan world who focuses their life on these things and worries about them constantly
  446. Seek the things of God’s Kingdom – Luke 12:31
    1. Make your ambition in life the work of God’s Kingdom and then God will take care of all your earthly needs
  447. Sell your excess possessions and give to the poor – Luke 12:33-34
    1. Instead of hoarding possessions, sell them and give the proceeds to the poor. You will then have treasure in heaven and your heart will be their as well
  448. Always be ready and active in God’s Work so He finds you in this state – Luke 12:35-43
    1. Jesus will come when you do not expect Him so always be active in the Work of God so when He comes He will find you doing so
  449. Do not be slothful and wicket and forget the Work of the Lord – Luke 12:45-46
    1. God will assign you a place with the unbelievers in the judgment if He finds you slothful and not about His business when He returns
  450. Do everything of God’s will that you know to do – Luke 12:47-48
    1. Be sure to be faithful to do everything that God has shown you to do. For you will be judged by the knowledge you have been given
  451. Don’t think that Jesus came to bring peace on earth – Luke 12:51-53
    1. Do not be derailed from your faith when you see that it brings division in your life even with those closest to you
  452. Know how to interpret the times – Luke 12:54-56
    1. Be wise and discerning of the times so you know what is going on spiritually and what God is doing and about to do
  453. Seek to be reconciled with God before it is too late – Luke 12:57-59
    1. We are all on our way to judgment so do everything you can to be reconciled to God and at peace with Him before we get to that day
  454. Repent – Luke 13:2-5
    1. Recognize your wickedness and sin and turn wholeheartedly from it to the service of God or you will ultimately perish eternally
  455. Bear fruit for God – Luke 13:6-9
    1. God expects fruit from the trees in his vineyard. Be faithful to produce fruit for the master that you may not be cut down
  456. Set people free from Satan’s bondage – Luke 13:10-16
    1. Satan has bound many in physical disorders. As Jesus we must pray for them and cast out demons that have oppressed and bound that they may be healed
  457. Make every effort to enter through the narrow door of salvation – Luke 13:22-24
    1. Many will try to be saved and will not make it. Salvation will require 100% of your effort in denying yourself and following after Christ. The path is narrow
  458. Make yourself last in this life – Luke 13:30
    1. The last in this life will be first in the next and the first in this life will be last in the next. Live humbly and put others before yourself
  459. Keep driving out demons and healing even when your life is threatened – Luke 13:31-33
    1. Don’t let evil men scare you and prevent you from driving out demons and healing people in Jesus name
  460. Be willing to have Jesus gather you together with His children under His wings – Luke 13:34
    1. Don’t resist Jesus attempt to deliver you from this world into His fold
  461. Always say “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord” – Luke 13:35
    1. Bless those who come in the name of the Lord and do not hinder or speak against their work
  462. Do not withhold good due to legalistic laws – Luke 14:1-6
    1. Let love trump any other legalistic law
  463. Humble yourself and take the lowest positions in life – Luke 14:7-11
    1. Always make yourself the least for those who exalt themselves will be humbled but those who humble themselves will be exalted 
  464. Invite the poor & afflicted who cannot repay and not your friends to your banquets – Luke 14:12-14
    1. Don’t bless those who can repay you but bless those who cannot and God will repay you at the resurrection of the righteous
  465. Don’t refuse Jesus invitation to the feast in the Kingdom of God – Luke 14:15-24
    1. Jesus invites you to the resurrection feast of the righteous in the Kingdom to come. Do not reject this invitation or make anything else more important
  466. Hate your family and your own life – Luke 14:25-26
    1. If you want to be a disciple Jesus must come first in your life above all others to the point where at times it looks as if you hate them
  467. Carry your cross and follow Jesus – Luke 14:27
    1. Deny yourself and take up the mission of Jesus and do His will and not your own or you cannot be Jesus disciple
  468. Consider that following Christ will cost you everything and be prepared to give it – Luke 14:28-33
    1. Those who will not give up everything cannot be Jesus disciples so be sure you are able to do this before making a confession or starting down that path
  469. Don’t ever lose your saltiness – Luke 14:34-35
    1. Always be fervent for Jesus and the work of the Kingdom because if you lose this then you will be good for nothing and unable to be made salty again
  470. Welcome sinners and rejoice exceedingly at their salvation and celebrate – Luke 15:1-24
    1. Leave the righteous and go to the sinners to share salvation with them and rejoice greatly when it occurs and celebrate the occasion mightily
  471. Do not scorn the blessing of God upon repentant sinners – Luke 15:25-32
    1. Be concerned about the salvation of sinners and don’t think only of yourself and what God hasn’t done for you
  472. Use worldly wealth to gain eternal friends who will welcome you into the Kingdom – Luke 16:1-9
    1. Give what you have to those in need and in the resurrection of the just they will testify on your behalf and you will be welcomed into the Kingdom
  473. Be faithful with the possessions you have been given to use them for good – Luke 16:10-11
    1. You have been entrusted with possessions in this world. Be faithful with that entrustment so God will entrust you with eternal possessions
  474. Be devoted to God’s cause and not money – Luke 16:13
    1. You cannot serve 2 masters so be sure you are wholly devoted to the cause of God and not acquiring wealth and possessions
  475. Do not value what people value but value what God values – Luke 16:15
    1. Value the eternal things that God values and put little value on what this world values
  476. Preach the good news of the Kingdom and force your way into it – Luke 16:16
    1. Always share the good news of God’s Kingdom and forcefully do all you can to enter yourself
  477. Do not divorce your wife to marry another woman – Luke 16:18
    1. Bear with your wife patiently and never seek divorce especially not to marry another as this is adultery in the eyes of God
  478. Do not live this life in luxury – Luke 16:19-26
    1. Those who live in luxury now will be in torment in the judgment. Sell your possessions and live humbly in this life that you may be blessed in the next
  479. Do not seek extravagant signs in order to bring men to repentance – Luke 16:27-31
    1. The love of God through you and the pure teachings of Christ should be all that are needed to bring a sinner to repentance. If this does not work then nothing will
  480. Do not cause anyone to stumble in sin – Luke 17:1-2
    1. Very serious warnings are to those who would cause others to stumble so be careful nothing you do will have this affect on others
  481. If your fellow brother sins against you rebuke him – Luke 17:3
    1. Do not let your brother go on in sin against you but rather rebuke him so he can repent and be forgiven
  482. Forgive people as many times as they repent – Luke 17:3-4
    1. No matter how many times a person has committed an offence against you, if they come to you saying “I Repent” then you must forgive them
  483. Get as much faith as you can – Luke 17:6
    1. Faith is the most powerful thing on earth. With it Jesus said you can command a tree to be uprooted and cast into the see and it would obey you
  484. Do not seek reward but say “I am an unworthy servant who has only done his duty – Luke 17:7-10
    1. We are servants of God and only doing what we were created to do. We must not act as if God owes us anything
  485. Give praise to God for your healing – Luke 17:13-18
    1. Give thanks and praise always for the blessings God gives to you
  486. Do not listen to people who say “Here is the Messiah” – Luke 17:22-24
    1. If the messiah people are talking about is not one whose day is like lightning flashing in the sky from one end to the other then do not believe them
  487. On the day of Christ’s return do not remain in the land for anything but flee – Luke 17:31-32
    1. Judgment will come with Christ’s return. Flee and do not be like Lot’s wife who looked back
  488. Don’t stop praying and crying out to God day & night till you receive – Luke 18:1-8
    1. Be persistent in your prayers and don’t stop till you see them answered
  489. Humble yourself before God and admit your guilt and sinfulness – Luke 18:9-14
    1. If you want to be justified by God then do not exalt yourself but humble yourself in acknowledging your sinfulness and pleading for mercy
  490. Do not hinder little children from coming to Jesus – Luke 18:15-16
    1. Let little children come around you and the teachings of Jesus and do not hinder them from being around the truth and knowing Jesus
  491. Receive the Kingdom of God like a little child – Luke 18:17
    1. Have childlike faith and obedience and so receive the Kingdom of God or you will never enter it
  492. Do not call anyone good but God the father alone – Luke 18:19
    1. No one is truly “Good” in the supreme sense of having goodness of themselves other than God so do not attribute that to anyone but God the Father
  493. Do not murder, commit adultery, steal, or give false testimony – Luke 18:20
    1. Do not do these things if want to have eternal life
  494. Honor your father and mother and love your neighbor as yourself – Luke 18:20
    1. Do these things if you want to have eternal life
  495. Sell everything you have and give to the poor – Luke 18:22
    1. Do away with all excess and take care of the poor. Then you will have treasure in heaven
  496. Do not seek to be rich – Luke 18:24-25
    1. It is almost impossible for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God so do not seek after or  let riches hinder you
  497. Put the Kingdom of God before  homes, wives, and family members  – Luke 18:28-30
    1. Make God’s Kingdom and His purposes your primary ambition in life and He will bless you in this life and in the life to come
  498. Be available for people who need help and ask what they need from you – Luke 18:41-43
    1. As God’s representative on earth ask people what they are needing of you and do all in God’s power to meet that need
  499. Go to homes of sinners that show interest in the Kingdom – Luke 19:5-7
    1. Look for seekers and ask if they are open to you coming to their home to share the good news with them
  500. When you seen genuine repentance acknowledge it as the coming of salvation – Luke 19:9
    1. After witnessing a truly repentant heart encourage that one with confirmation that salvation has come unto them
  501. Seek and save those who are lost – Luke 19:10
    1. Be like Jesus and make it our mission to seek out the lost and save them from this corrupt world
  502. Be faithful with what God has entrusted you to multiply it – Luke 19:12-27
    1. Use what God has given you to increase the fruit of gospel of the Kingdom and when Jesus returns you will be blessed with much
  503. Mourn and weep over the disaster coming to the disobedient – Luke 19:41-44
    1. Your concern for the disaster of the wicked should cause you anguish
  504. Do not use religion for worldly gain – Luke 19:45-46
    1. Don’t sell things in the name of religion or use things dedicated to God for personal gain
  505.  For some, don’t answer directly but answer questions with questions – Luke 20:1-7
    1. Some are not worthy of the answers to the questions they ask as their motives are not pure. Don’t answer everyone
  506. Sometimes answer the questions of the wicked to show them their folly – Luke 20:21-40
    1. At times it is important to show the wicked and those also hearing your answers the folly of the wicked’s thoughts
  507. Ask people questions to get them to see the error of their beliefs – Luke 20:41-44
    1. Use questions to make people think about the things they believe in error
  508. Be on your guard against religious teachers who love honor – Luke 20:46-47
    1. Be careful not to be deceived by religious teachers in following their model of seeking honor and importance 
  509. Don’t focus on the amount of your giving but on how much it costs you personally – Luke 21:1-4
    1. Giving is not just sharing excess but giving when it hurts
  510. Be careful not to be deceived by false messiahs – Luke 21:8
    1. Do not follow people claiming to be the savior
  511. Do not be frightened when you hear of wars and uprisings – Luke 21:9
    1. Don’t let wars and political events scare you. These things need to happen and the end will not come right away
  512. Bear testimony to Jesus if you are brought before government because of Jesus – Luke 21:12-13
    1. Don’t fear but testify of Jesus when you are persecuted and brought to judgment before men
  513. Do not worry beforehand what to say to defend yourself against mens accusations – Luke 21:14-15
    1. God will give you powerful words of wisdom when you are persecuted that your adversaries cannot contradict. Trust in Him for these words
  514. Stand firm in the midst of persecution – Luke 21:16-19
    1. Many, even close family members, will persecute you. Stand firm to the end and you will inherit eternal life and never perish
  515. When you see the judgment of God coming on the city flee – Luke 21:20-24
    1. Do not stick around when you see God’s judgment coming upon a place but rather flee to the mountains or country and do not go into the city experiencing the judgment
  516. When you see Jesus coming in a cloud with power stand and lift your head – Luke 21:27-28
    1. When you see these amazing events and Christ coming in power stand and lift your head because your redemption is near
  517. Learn from the fig tree and know when Jesus coming is near – Luke 21:29-31
    1. Just as you know summer is near when the fig tree sprouts it’s leaves so also learn from the events going on to know that the coming of Christ is near
  518. Be careful to not be weighted down with carousing, drunkenness or anxieties – Luke 21:34-35
    1. Don’t let sinful activities weigh you down and cause you not to be ready for Christ’s return for then you will be trapped with no escape
  519. Always watch and pray that you will escape judgments & be able to stand before Jesus – Luke 21:36
    1. Watch and observe the times and pray to God that you will be able to escape all these tribulations and stand pure before God
  520. During the day preach and teach the kingdom and at night spend time with God – Luke 21:37
    1. Use the daylight to reach man and the evening time to reach out to God
  521. Eagerly desire to take the Lords supper with other disciples – Luke 22:15-16
    1. Be passionate about breaking bread with brothers and remembering what Christ has done for us and how He will return and restore all things
  522. Eat the bread and drink the cup in remembrance of Christ – Luke 22:17-20
    1. Eat the Lord’s supper and in doing so remember Jesus, all He has done for us and all He is yet to do
  523. Never betray Jesus – Luke 22:22
    1. Woe to the man who betrays Jesus. Never do anything that would betray Jesus
  524. Do not be as rulers but be as servants – Luke 22:25-27
    1. Do not seek positions of power and authority over others but rather seek to be as Jesus who came to serve others
  525. Stand with brothers who are undergoing trials and persecution – Luke 22:28-30
    1. Do not forsake those who are being persecuted or tried for their faith but stand with them and support them and God will stand with you in the judgment
  526. Pray for others who have fallen that they may not lose faith – Luke 22:32
    1. Pray for those who are falling in temptations and trials that they may recover and not ultimately lose faith and perish
  527. Strengthen your brothers – Luke 22:32
    1. Be strong in faith and encourage and strengthen others who are going through trials
  528. Take money and supplies with you as you go out to minister – Luke 22:35-36
    1. There are times when you should bring provisions with you due to the territory and situations you are about to be entering
  529. Pray that you will not fall into temptation – Luke 22:40&46
    1. Pray to God to keep you from temptation, especially when you know you are about to enter a situation that could be trying
  530. Kneel down and pray – Luke 22:41
    1. Take time to seek God on your Knees as Jesus did in the Garden
  531. Resign yourself completely to the will of God – Luke 22:42
    1. When you pray for things you desire always ultimately pray as Jesus always sand say “Yet not my will but yours be done oh God”
  532. Pray more earnestly when you are in anguish – Luke 22:44
    1. The harder the trial the harder you should pray
  533. Do not sleep when you should be praying – Luke 22:46
    1. Trying times may make you think you need sleep when you really need be praying earnestly
  534. Do not fight persecutors with weapons – Luke 22:49-51
    1. When it is God’s will that we suffer for Jesus do not resist with weapons and force
  535. Do not tell people what they will not believe – Luke 22:67-68
    1. Don’t answer the wickeds questions when they will not believe the answers you give
  536. Do not respond to people who seek after signs – Luke 23:8-9
    1. When people just want a sign or to be amused by you do not answer or respond to them
  537. Weep for yourselves and your children for the judgments to come – Luke 23:28-31
    1. Be very concerned for the judgment that is coming and be in anguish over it
  538. Ask God to forgive those who sin against you – Luke 23:34
    1. Do not seek vengeance on your enemies but pray that God might forgive them and that they may be reconciled 
  539. When people do evil to you attribute it to their ignorance – Luke 23:34
    1. Don’t act as though everyone is willfully and maliciously hurting you but rather attribute their offenses towards you to their ignorance. Forgive them cause they don’t know what they are doing
  540. Justify Jesus and ask Jesus to remember you and bring you into His Kingdom – Luke 23:42-43
    1. Justify Jesus before mankind and ask for Him to remember you and bring you into His eternal Kingdom
  541. When you are dying commit your spirit to the Father – Luke 23:46
    1. Put your life into God’s hands who has the power to raise you to life eternal
  542. Do not be foolish and slow to believe the prophets – Luke 24:25
    1. Have faith in the prophets of God and believe the things they have foretold about Jesus and the coming Kingdom of God
  543. Explain to others the truths of salvation using the Holy Scriptures – Luke 24:27
    1. Know and use the scriptures to teach others about Jesus and God’s Kingdom
  544. Greet others with “Peace be with you” – Luke 24:36
    1. When you meet with people bless them with words of Peace
  545. Do not be troubled and allow doubts to rise in your minds – Luke 24:38
    1. Don’t let doubtful thoughts take control of your mind and cause you to disbelieve the truth of God’s Word and make you troubled
  546. Open peoples minds so they can understand the scriptures – Luke 24:45
    1. Be filled with God’s Spirit and power and use God’s presence to open up the scriptures to the hearts of your hearers
  547. Preach repentance and forgiveness of sins in Jesus name to all nations – Luke 24:47-48
    1. Go out and preach and teach repentance and forgiveness of sin offered through the sacrifice of Jesus to all nations starting where you are at
  548. Wait until you are clothed with power from on High before preaching – Luke 24:49
    1. Don’t go out and teach and preach in your own strength but wait on God and pray till you are filled with power from above. Then use this power to be a mighty witness
  549. Lift up your hands towards people and bless them – Luke 24:50
    1. Speak blessings on people with your hands stretched out towards them
  550. Make God the Father known to people – John 1:18
    1. As Jesus primary goal was to reveal the Father to mankind so also this must be our goal
  551. Follow Jesus – John 1:43
    1. Follow Jesus and do what He did
  552. Be hesitant to minister when the time is not right – John 2:4
    1. The time is not always right so always be sensitive about what God is wanting and when
  553. Be zealous for God’s honor and keeping worship pure – John 2:14-17
    1. Seek to ensure no one pollutes the true worship of God with selfish ambitions
  554. Do not entrust yourself or your mission and plans to everyone – John 2:23-25
    1. All men do not seek your good or the good of the mission. Be careful about who you reveal your purposes to
  555. Be born again to see the Kingdom of God – John 3:3-5
    1. Seek to see the Kingdom of God by being born again
  556. Be born of water and Spirit to enter God’s Kingdom – John 3:5-6
    1. Repent and be baptized and receive the inward regeneration of the Spirit in order to be saved and enter God’s Kingdom
  557. Be birthed by the Spirit – John 3:6
    1. The Spirit gives birth to spirit so your spirit must be born again by God’s Spirit
  558. Be wise to understand the new birth – John 3:10
    1. Understand what the new birth is and it’s necessity for salvation
  559. Accept the testimony of the Godly – John 3:11-12
    1. When righteous men speak of the things of salvation accept their testimony
  560. Believe on Jesus that you may have eternal life – John 3:14-17
    1. Look on Jesus, believe in Him and be saved with eternal life
  561. Do not love darkness – John 3:19-20
    1. Do not love darkness because your deeds are evil
  562. Do truth and come to the light and love it – John 3:19-21
    1. Be a person of truth that does no evil and loves it when your deeds are exposed because they are only good and true
  563. Spend time with your disciples – John 3:22
    1. Mentor others and spend time discipling them
  564. Baptize people – John 3:22
    1. When people seek to repent and follow God’s ways then baptize them
  565. Begin natural conversations with sinners – John 4:7
    1. As Jesus simply asked for a drink from the woman we also should spark conversation with others based on the natural
  566. Turn natural conversations into spiritual – John 4:10
    1. After entering a conversation with a sinner turn the conversation to spiritual matters
  567. Ask Jesus for living water – John:4:10
    1. Ask Jesus to fill you with the true living water
  568. Seek from Jesus to have a spring of water welling up in you to eternal life – John 4:14
    1. Seek this true living water from Jesus so it will well up in you and result in eternal life for you and others
  569. Gently bring attention to people’s sins – John 4:16-18
    1. When you know about something that will show a sinners need then gently bring it to their attention
  570. Do not worship God in a religious manner of time and place – John 4:20-22
    1. Don’t be ignorant and worship God according to ritual and tradition
  571. Worship the Father in Spirit and in truth – John 4:23-24
    1. God seeks people who will not worship according to manmade religious systems and traditions but who will in Spirit and Truth worship Him with their whole heart
  572. Teach people who the savior is -John 4:26
    1. Reveal to people who Jesus the messiah and savior is
  573. Do not let societal norms restrict you from speaking the gospel to everyone – John 4:27
    1. Even though it was against social norms Jesus spoke with a woman, a loose woman at that, in order to teach her of salvation
  574. Receive your true sustenance from doing God’s will and not just physical food – John 4:34
    1. Get your true joy and fulfillment from doing what God has called you to do and don’t let your joy come from worldly things
  575. Do not say there are no people to be saved yet – John 4:35
    1. Don’t put off sharing the gospel because you think there are no people interested
  576. Look at the fields of men and realize they are ripe for salvation – John 4:35
    1. Look with hope and spiritual eyes to see that there are many waiting to hear the message of salvation
  577. Sow seed that will prepare others to be saved – John 4:36-38
    1. Don’t only focus on reaping and saving but also focus on sowing seed into people’s hearts that will prepare them to be reaped by another and ultimately saved
  578. Reap and gather souls that others have sown seed into – John 4:36-38
    1. Go and seek out others who God has been preparing to be saved and gather them for salvation
  579. Seek the wages and eternal life that comes from harvesting souls – John 4:36
    1. Do not seek worldly wages but the wages that come from God for being His worker out in the harvest gathering souls for Him
  580. Stay in places that receive you and share the gospel – John 4:40-41
    1. Accept invitations and use them to share the message of salvation
  581. When you see people in a bad state do all you can to help them – John 5:6
    1. Freely you have received freely give to those you see in need
  582. When Jesus heals you then stop sinning – John 5:14
    1. When God works wonders in your life and delivers you from sickness or circumstance then stop sinning or something worse may happen to you
  583. Always be working for God even on the sabbath – John 5:17
    1. As Jesus and the Father are always working so you also always be about the Fathers business
  584. Do nothing by yourself but only what you see Jesus and the Father do – John 5:19
    1. Don’t carve your own path but follow the steps of Jesus who followed the steps of the Father
  585. Hear (receive and obey) Jesus words and believe the Father who has sent Him – John 5:24
    1. Have ears to hear and obey Jesus teachings and be confident God has sent Him and you will cross from death to life
  586. Do good and not evil – John 5:25-29
    1. Do not be evil but do good so in the resurrection you will receive life and not judgment
  587. Do not seek your own will but the Fathers will to be done – John 5:30
    1. When you only seek God’s will your judgment will be righteous
  588. Point people to evidence that will help them believe and be saved – John 5:33-34
    1. Show people facts and evidence that prove the truth they need to be saved
  589. Be a lamp that burns and gives light – John 5:35
    1. Be like John who used his resources to burn bright and be a light for the people
  590. Hear God’s voice – John 5:37
    1. Have ears to hear God’s voice speaking
  591. Know who God is – John 5:37
    1. Find all that God has made known about Himself and know it in truth
  592. Let God’s Word dwell in you – John 5:38
    1. Let God’s Word take root in your heart and be your guide
  593. Come to Jesus to have Life – John 5:40
    1. If you want life then believe and go to the source of life, Jesus
  594. Do not receive honor from men – John 5:41
    1. Don’t let men honor you but seek the honor that comes from God
  595. Have the love of God in you – John 5:42
    1. Have and keep love for God in your heart
  596. Receive those who come in God’s name – John 5:43
    1. Receive those who come in God’s name only seeking His honor and who themselves God is with and honoring
  597. Seek the honor that comes from the only God – John 5:44
    1. Don’t seek to have men accept and praise you for this is worthless but seek for God to be pleased with you as this is real and eternal with rewards
  598. Believe Moses and therefor Jesus words – John 5:45-47
    1. Believe the scriptures which testify of Jesus and therefore believe the words of Jesus himself
  599. Ask disciples questions to get them to use their faith – John 6:5-6
    1. Prompt others to exercise and thereby grow in their faith
  600. Don’t let people put you in positions of worldly power due to your faith – John 6:15
    1. Don’t seek power and position among men but only with God
  601. Give thanks to God before eating – John 6:23
    1. Always thank God for your food
  602. Do not work hard for worldly goods – John 6:27
    1. Don’t spend your energy seeking worldly goods which perish with time
  603. Work hard for spiritual eternal life from Jesus – John 6:27
    1. Spend your energy seeking after spiritual life from Jesus that will endure forever
  604. Do the works of God by believing in Jesus – John 6:28
    1. Put your faith in Jesus and you will do the works of God
  605. Come to Jesus for eternal satisfaction – John 6:35
    1. Make Jesus your source of fulfillment and He will fulfil you with everlasting contentment and joy that does not go away
  606. Have faith that God will cause others to come to Jesus – John 6:37
    1. The Father will move those who know Him to come to Jesus. We just need to be the vessel that brings the good news
  607. Come to Jesus for life – John 6:37
    1. Have faith and come to Jesus and He will never cast you away
  608. Trust in Jesus to keep you till the end – John 6:39
    1. Jesus will keep all who come to Him so do not fear
  609. See the Son and believe in Him – John 6:40
    1. If you want eternal life then see and believe in the Son of God
  610. Do not grumble about people with others – John 6:43
    1. Do not talk negatively about people with others
  611. Believe in Jesus for eternal life – John 6:47
    1. Put your faith in Jesus and reap eternal life
  612. Eat the bread of life and do not die – John 6:48-50
    1. Don’t perish but eat the eternal life giving bread God has given
  613. Eat on Jesus flesh and drink His blood for eternal life – John 6:51-56
    1. In order to have life in us we must spiritually eat of Jesus flesh and drink of His blood
  614. Do not be afraid to speak hard things that may turn people off – John 6:53 & 60-62
    1. Don’t be seeker sensitive by holding back truths that are hard for people to receive. The Father will draw His own to Jesus
  615. Speak words of spirit and life to people – John 6:63
    1. It is good to bless with worldly goods but the most powerful gift we can give to people is to speak words of spirit and life to them that will save them eternally
  616. Don’t be bewildered that some don’t believe or leave you – John 6:64-66
    1. Not all have been granted life by the Father so do not be discouraged
  617. Don’t ever leave the one who has the words of eternal life – John 6:66-70
    1. No matter how hard or what the cost don’t ever leave Jesus and His teachings as only Him and His words give eternal life
  618. If people are seeking to kill you then minister in another area – John 7:1
    1. Don’t keep ministering to people who are hostile and will hurt you. Go to another place and share the message to others
  619. Testify to the world that it’s works are evil – John 7:7
    1. Do not turn a blind eye to evil but testify and let others know what sin is and how evil it is
  620. Sometimes be covert and secretive in your gospel mission – John 7:10
    1. There is a time to be underground and careful who you speak with and when
  621. Go to religious places and teach when you can – John 7:14
    1. Where there is opportunity to go to places where seekers may be found then go and teach
  622. Testify to those you teach that the teaching is from God – John 7:16
    1. Don’t ever take credit for the Words of life but always credit them to Jesus and the Father
  623. Choose to do the will of God – John 7:17
    1. Choose not your own will but God’s and you will have insight to discern true from false teaching
  624. Do not seek your own glory but the glory of Jesus and God – John 7:18
    1. Don’t speak to draw attention to yourself
  625. Confront others with the inconsistencies in what they teach and how they live – John 7:19
    1. Show others how they contradict themselves with what they believe and how they live
  626. Ask others why they are persecuting you and angry with you – John 7:19-24
    1. Show people that their anger and persecution is unjust
  627. Do not judge by appearances but judge righteously – John 7:24
    1. Don’t judge people by outward religious rules but judge by the motives of the heart
  628. Testify to the truth of the teaching and the error of your persecutors – John 7:28-29
    1. Don’t fear but speak against the errors of the persecutors
  629. Sometimes speak words that only truth seekers will understand – John 7:33-36
    1. Don’t always speak plain simple speech but sometimes use speech that will only be understood by people with ears to hear
  630. If you are thirsty then come to Jesus and drink – John 7:37
    1. Come to Jesus to have your innermost thirst quenched and satisfied by the giver of life
  631. Believe in Jesus and have rivers of living water flow from within you – John 7:38-39
    1. Put your faith in Jesus, drink from Him, and you will be filled with the Spirit of God and have rivers of life flow from within you to save others
  632. Seek to give mercy and not judgment unless you have no sin – John 8:7
    1. If you yourself have sinned and need mercy then show mercy to others who have sinned
  633. When you receive mercy then stop sinning – John 8:11
    1. If God forgives you and grants you mercy then stop sinning against Him and others
  634. Follow Jesus as your light of life – John 8:12
    1. Follow Jesus who is the light of life and let Him be your guide
  635. Do not judge people by worldly standards – John 8:15-16
    1. Don’t use worldly standards to judge others but only speak what God has revealed
  636. Tell people that if they do not know Jesus they do not know God – John 8:19
    1. Make it clear to people that they need to know Jesus to know the Father
  637. Tell people they will die in their sins if they do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah – John 8:21-24
    1. Don’t only share the love and mercy of God but also share the wrath and judgment in hopes that men will turn
  638. Always do what pleases the Father – John 8:28-29
    1. God will not leave you alone if you seek to always do what pleases the Father
  639. Hold fast to Jesus Teaching – John 8:31
    1. Learn Jesus teaching and hold fast to it never letting go
  640. Know the truth – John 8:32
    1. By holding fast to Jesus teaching know the truth and it will set you free from sin
  641. Get set free from sin by Jesus and His Teaching – John 8:34-36
    1. Sin will kill you so seek freedom from it in Jesus and His Teaching
  642. Tell others what you have seen from God – John 8:38
    1. What God teaches you, that share with others
  643. Show people that their works are of Satan and not of God – John 8:39-41
    1. Explain to people their works and how it shows that they are not following God but the devil
  644. Let people know their true Father is the devil if they do his desires – John 8:42-44
    1. Show people that they are children of the one they obey
  645. Do not be guilty of sin and give occasion of reproach to the enemy – John 8:45
    1. Be free from sin so the enemy cannot reproach the truth of the gospel you teach
  646. Belong to God and Hear Him – John 8:47
    1. Belong to God in all you have and are and you will then have ears to hear and obey Him
  647. Dispute those who claim you are possessed and evil – John 8:49-50
    1. Show people their error in thinking your teaching is demonic
  648. Obey Jesus Word – John 8:51
    1. Obey Jesus teaching and you will never see death
  649. Don’t glorify yourself but let God glorify you – John 8:54
    1. Do not seek to honor yourself but seek honor that comes from God
  650. Know God and obey His Word – John 8:55
    1. Learn God’s Word and obey it and Know Him fully
  651. Tell people of Jesus Divine Nature – John 8:58
    1. Let people know that Jesus was the one who came from the Father’s bosom
  652. Hide yourself from those trying to kill you – John 8:59
    1. Don’t test God but hide when people are trying to kill you
  653. Don’t blame all tragedy on personal sin – John 9:2
    1. Some ailments and tragedy’s exist simply so that God’s works might be displayed in healing the person
  654. Do the works of God as long as you are alive realizing you can’t work from the grave – John 9:4
    1. Death is coming soon so do all you can for God while you are alive
  655. While you are in the world be the light of the world – John 9:5
    1. Shine bright for Jesus while you are alive
  656. When people experience miracles let them know it is because of Jesus the savior – John 9:35-38
    1. Don’t ever take credit for Jesus works but point others to the savior who heals
  657. Be a light to the blind and a stumbling block to those who profess sight – John 9:39
    1. Shine bright truth on the blind so they can see and also upon those who profess sight that they may be hardened in blindness
  658. Let people know that when they hear and understand the truth they become guilty – John 9:41
    1. After you share the truth with someone they become guilty of rejecting it. Let them know this spiritual principle so they can feel their guilt
  659. Know and listen to Jesus voice and be led by him – John 10:4&27
    1. Be familiar with Jesus voice and be led by Him
  660. Do not follow a strangers voice – John 10:5-8
    1. Any voice that is strange in relation with Jesus voice and true teachings stay away from and do not listen to it
  661. Enter God’s sheep fold through Jesus to be saved – John 10:9
    1. Come only through the Son of God to the Father for salvation
  662. Beware of false shepherds who do not care for the sheep – John 10:8-10
    1. False shepherds only seek to steal kill and destroy so watch out for them
  663. Find life and have it to the full in Jesus – John 10:10
    1. Follow the true shepherd who comes to give life and life in it’s fullest
  664. Know and Lay down your life for the sheep – John 10:15-17
    1. Know God’s people and be willing to lay down your life for other disciples
  665. Never abandon God’s people in their time of need to protect yourself – John 10:12-13
    1. Don’t think of your own welfare but think primarily of the welfare of the sheep
  666. Bring others to God’s flock – John 10:15
    1. Seek out others who will hear Jesus voice and come into the fold
  667. Do not worry if people do not listen to you as they are not His sheep – John 10:26
    1. All who are Jesus sheep will hear the voice of Jesus through you so do not worry when when others do not hear
  668. Ask your persecutors why they are persecuting you for good works – John 10:32
    1. Confront persecutors and show them they are being unjust
  669. Show persecutors the error of their beliefs and ask them to reconsider – John 10:34-38
    1. Defend the truth and show persecutors how they err and are not acting in accordance with truth or the scriptures
  670. Treat some sickness as a tool for Jesus to be glorified – John 11:4
    1. Some sickness exists so Jesus can be glorified when He heals that person through you
  671. Love and take care of your friends even if it puts you in danger – John 11:5-8
    1. Love others before yourself and meet their needs
  672. Your ministry in dangerous areas should be done during the daytime – John 11:8-10
    1. Most danger can be avoided by simply operating in daylight hours in public. Don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger by being foolish
  673. Make and be glad for opportunities to show the power of God – John 11:11-15
    1. Do things that will result in the greatest opportunity to glorify God and be glad that others can see the display of His glory
  674. Live by believing in Jesus – John 11:25-26
    1. Live true eternal never ending full life by believing in Jesus
  675. After sharing the gospel ask people ‘do you believe this?’ – John 11:26
    1. Get others to confirm whether or not they believe the good news you have shared with them
  676. Have natural affection & empathy and weep when appropriate – John 11:35&38
    1. Have natural love for others and be concerned for their welfare and be emotionally involved
  677. Tell people that if they only believe they will see the glory of God – John 11:40
    1. Express to people the power of faith that if they will just believe they will see great things to the glory of the Father
  678. Pray out loud at times for the benefit of the hearers – John 11:41-42
    1. Pray sometimes simply for other to hear and God be glorified or to let them know what you are doing is of God
  679. Poor out your life for the greater good – John 11:51
    1. Give and deny yourself personal pleasures that the greater good may result
  680. Gather together the children of God – John 11:52
    1. Make it your work to gather together true children of God
  681. Don’t walk openly around people who want to kill you – John 11:53-54&57
    1. Don’t put God to the test by knowingly putting yourself in danger of those who want to hurt you. Go underground if needed
  682. Do not use religious logic to hinder those doing the work of God – John 12:3-8
    1. Don’t hinder those who are trying to bless Jesus
  683. Hate your life in this world and die to it – John 12:24-25
    1. Do not love your life in this world but die to it and be ready to leave it all behind for Jesus even dying if necessary
  684. If you serve Jesus then follow Him in self denial – John 12:26
    1. Follow the model of Jesus and God will honor you as He did Jesus
  685. Do not ask God to save you from the trials that are part of your purpose – John 12:27
    1. Submit to God’s plan even when it involves suffering
  686. Seek only for God to glorify His name through you – John 12:28
    1. Don’t seek your own glory but the glory of God through your life
  687. Draw people to Jesus by your life – John 12:32
    1. Make it your goal, as was Jesus, to draw all people to Jesus
  688. Walk in the light while you have it so darkness does not overtake you – John 12:35-36
    1. When you receive light then walk in it or darkness will overtake you and you will not know where you are going
  689. Make it your mission to be a light that brings people out of darkness – John 12:46
    1. Be a little Jesus full of light that will help others out of the darkness
  690. Hear Jesus Words and keep them as the words of God – John 12:47-50
    1. Listen and obey the Words Jesus has spoken as they are the Words of God Himself
  691. Love followers of Jesus to the end – John 13:1
    1. Have true love for other followers of Jesus and love them with all you have until the end
  692. Have a firm believe in your salvation and your purpose from God – John 13:3
    1. Be as Jesus and know completely your standing with God and your calling from Him
  693. Humble yourself to let others bless you with service – John 13:4-8
    1. Don’t be so proud in your spirituality that you won’t let others serve you
  694. Wash each others feet – John 13:12-15
    1. Wash the feet of other disciples both physically and spiritually. Regardless of your position make yourself a servant to all
  695. Do not make yourself greater than Jesus made Himself – John 13:16
    1. Jesus made himself a servant so do not try to be greater than a servant
  696. Receive everyone Jesus sends – John 13:20
    1. Welcome and receive anyone who comes in Jesus name for by doing so you receive Jesus and God who sent Him.
  697. Share your feelings with your close brothers when you are troubled – John 13:21
    1. Don’t hold things in but share how you are feeling and what may be bothering you
  698. Love one disciples in the same way that Jesus loved you – John 13:34-35
    1. Learn how Jesus loved and love other disciples in the same way laying your life down for them and then the world will know you belong to Jesus
  699. Share with people in love the weakness you see in them – John 13:38
    1. Don’t just commend disciples but disciple them by sharing weakness you see in them that they may work on them and grow strong in Christ
  700. Do not let your heart be troubled by worldly loss – John 14:1-4
    1. Act in faith in what Jesus has shown you and don’t be troubled by loss of things or life in this world
  701. Believe in Jesus that He is preparing a Kingdom for you – John 14:1-4
    1. Have faith that a Kingdom is being prepared for all Jesus disciples and that you will some day be with Him in that Kingdom
  702. Seek no other Way, Truth, or Life other than that which is in Jesus – John 14:6
    1. Don’t follow the ways of the world and seek fulfillment or spiritual knowledge or direction in anything other than Jesus Himself
  703. Come to God the Father through Jesus – John 14:6
    1. Seek to find God by coming through Jesus and His ways and teachings
  704. If you want to Know and see the Father then Know and see Jesus – John 14:7-9
    1. Seek to see and know Jesus and because when you have seen and known Him you will also have seen and known God the Father
  705. Believe that Jesus is in God and God is in Jesus
    1. Have faith that God dwells in Jesus and Jesus in God and they are one
  706. Let Jesus and God work through you and speak only their Words – John 14:10-11
    1. Empty yourself of yourself and let God and Christ live through you so you can say that your life and words are not your own but Christ’s and God’s
  707. Do the works that Jesus did and even greater works – John 14:11-13
    1. As Jesus allowed God to perform great works through Him, you also dwell in Jesus and God and allow them to do great works through you
  708. Ask anything of God in Jesus name for God’s glory – John 14:13-14
    1. Ask anything you desire in hopes of God being glorified through Jesu and Jesus will do it. This is how the great works will be done
  709. If you love Jesus then keep His commands – John 14:15&21-24
    1. Don’t just say you love Jesus but show it by following all His teachings and commandment. Then Jesus will reveal Himself to you
  710. Receive and be counseled and taught by the Holy Spirit – John 14:26
    1. Love Jesus, receive His Spirit and allow yourself to be taught by the Spirit of God. He will teach you and remind you of the teachings of Jesus
  711. Don’t let your heart be troubled or fearful – John 14:27-28
    1. Don’t let fear overcome or trouble you but rejoice in the power and presence of God’s Spirit and the knowledge of the coming Kingdom. Have hope
  712. Bear fruit for God – John 15:2
    1. Be sure you are bearing fruit for God so that He will prune you so you bear more fruit
  713. Abide in Jesus and let Him abide in you – John 15:4-5
    1. To bear fruit you must abide in Jesus and let Him abide in you. If we do not abide in Him we will be cast into the fire and burned
  714. Abide in Jesus and let His words abide in you – John 15:7
    1. If you want your prayers answered then abide in Jesus and let His words rule your heart and life
  715. Show you are truly  Jesus disciple by bearing much fruit – John 15:8
    1. Bear much fruit for Jesus and by doing so it will show that you are truly His disciple
  716. Abide in Jesus love by keeping His commandments – John 15:9-10
    1. Keep Jesus commandments because this is how you will remain in His love
  717. Speak truth to others so that their joy may be full – John 15:11
    1. Seek for others to have true joy and do this by sharing truth with them
  718. Love one another as Jesus loved you – John 15:12
    1. Find out how Jesus loved you and love other disciples with the same love
  719. Lay your life down for those who follow Jesus commands – John 15:13-14
    1. Lay down your own life and ambitions to help those who belong to Jesus
  720. Do whatever Jesus commands you – John 15:14
    1. Always do everything Jesus commands you and you will be His friends
  721. Fully reveal truth to those who really love Jesus – John 15:15
    1. Be completely open and share all things with true disciples of Jesus who love truth
  722. Appoint others to go out and bear fruit for Jesus – John 15:16
    1. As Jesus, disciple others and send them out to go and bear more fruit for Jesus
  723. Love one another – John 15:17
    1. Then end goal of most Jesus commands is simply that disciples have a bountiful love for one another
  724. Don’t be of the world and loved by the world – John 15:19
    1. Don’t seek to be loved by the world because your master was hated by them and if you follow Him then you also will be hated
  725. Remember that persecution and rejection will be part of your life – John 15:20
    1. Keep in mind that people will not accept your message but will reject both it and you
  726. Take away people’s excuses to sin by sharing the Word with them – John 15:21
    1. When people truly have no knowledge of their guilt then they have no sin. Go and speak truth to them so they can see the sin and deal with it
  727. Let the Spirit of Truth testify through you to others of Jesus – John 15:26-27
    1. Be filled with the Spirit and let the Spirit do His job through you of testifying of Jesus
  728. Do not stumble when you are persecuted – John 16:1-4
    1. Don’t let persecutions cause you to doubt your standing with God or give up. Many will think they are doing God’s will by hating you because they do not know Him
  729. Do not be sorrowful that Jesus is gone but be glad to have the Spirit – John 16:6-7
    1. Be joyful and recognize that having the Spirit of God with you is greater than having Jesus Himself physically with you
  730. Let the Spirit work through you to convict the world of sin, righteousness, & Judgment – John 16:8-11
    1. Be a vessel for the Spirit to work through in His conviction of the world in hopes they may repent and be saved
  731. Don’t share all truth with everyone at every time but only what people can bear – John 16:12
    1. Realize where people are currently at in their journey to Truth and share only as much as they can bear and digest at the moment trusting the rest will follow soon
  732. Have faith that the Spirit of truth will teach other disciples all truth – John 16:13-15
    1. Don’t feel that you have to tell everyone everything but have faith that if they just receive the Spirit of Truth the Spirit will guide them into all truth
  733. Believe your worldly sorrow will be turned to Joy by Jesus presence – John 16:19-22
    1. Have faith that worldly sorrow will turn to joy if you will be filled by Jesus Spirit
  734. Ask the Father for anything you need in Jesus name – John 16:23-24
    1. Have faith that you will receive and be filled with joy if you simply ask the Father for your needs in Jesus name
  735. Sometimes speak in figurative language because the hearers cannot bear more – John 16:25
    1. Don’t always speak plainly but speak figuratively when the plain truth would be too much for people to bear at the time
  736. Have faith that you are never alone but the Father and Jesus are with you – John 16:32
    1. Don’t worry about being rejected by men and being alone. You are never alone if you have Jesus and therefore have the Father with you
  737. Speak truth to people that they might have peace and faith in overcoming the world – John 16:33
    1. Speak to others things that will help them to have peace in persecutions knowing that they will soon inherit the eternal Kingdom of God
  738. When you pray seek first for God’s glory – John 17:1
    1. Always look first for God to be honored in your life
  739. Know God and Jesus – John 17:3
    1. Eternal life is knowing God and Jesus so know them
  740. Bring glory to God by finishing the work He has given you to do on earth – John 17:4
    1. Find out God’s will for you and do that work so He will be glorified
  741. Reveal the Father to true disciples – John 17:6
    1. Teach and show true disciples who God really is
  742. Believe and act as though everything you have is God’s – John 17:10
    1. Don’t claim to own anything yourself but acknowledge it belongs to Jesus and God
  743. Seek protection from evil through the power of God – John 17:11
    1. Don’t rely on personal will power or disciplines for protection but pray for protection through God’s power
  744. Do all you can to keep disciples faithful and abiding in God – John 17:12
    1. Make it your work as Jesus work to keep disciples from evil and bound to God
  745. Speak words that will cause true joy for others – John 17:13
    1. Use Words to convey truth to others that will bring true joy to their lives
  746. Do not seek to leave the world but only to be kept from the evil of it – John 17:14-15
    1. Don’t go and hide from evil and not be a light. Rather pray that God will protect you from the evil one
  747. Seek to be sanctified by truth – John 17:17
    1. If you want to be sanctified and made holy then let the truth dwell in your heart
  748. Teach and send others into the world to preach the Kingdom – John 17:18
    1. Do the work of Jesus and then also teach and send others out to do that work
  749. Seek for and pray for all believers to be One – John 17:20-23
    1. Pray hard for oneness so that the world will see and know the truth
  750. Be filled with the glory of Jesus – John 17:22
    1. Jesus has shared His glory with his brethren. Be filled with this glory by faith
  751. Declare God’s name to others – John 17:26
    1. Share God’s name and who He is with others so that they may experience God’s love in them and Jesus in them
  752. Often go out to remote places with other disciples to pray and fellowship – John 18:1-2
    1. Find remote places and go there to fellowship often and pray with other disciples that you may be strengthened together
  753. Do not seek to avoid any persecution or harm that God has planned for you – John 18:11
    1. If you know God wants you to do something then do not seek to avoid the pain that may come from doing it
  754. Do not live or act as though your Kingdom is of this world – John 18:36
    1. Realize your Kingdom is of Heaven and God and trust in His ultimate victory over evil
  755. Make it your sole cause in life to bear witness to the truth – John 18:37
    1. Your main priority in life must be to be a witness of the truth to others. This was Jesus main purpose and must be ours as well
  756. Live and act believing in God’s ultimate power over your life or death – John 19:11
    1. Don’t fear men but know that God alone chooses whether you will live or die
  757. Be sure to always make sure  your mother and father are taken care of – John 19:26
    1. Honor your mother and Father and care for them always
  758. Tell the brethren that Jesus has ascended to His Father and His God – John 20:17
    1. Comfort disciples and remind them that Jesus is now ascended to the right hand of His Father and His God which is also their Father and God
  759. Greet others with a message of peace – John 20:19&21&26
    1. When you see others let your first message be one of peace such as ‘peace be with you’
  760. Send others out to do the work that you have been doing – John 20:21
    1. Don’t just do the work of Jesus but train others and send them out to do it as well
  761. Tell others to receive the Spirit and share the message of reconciliation – John 20:222-23
    1. Let others know they have the power of life and death and forgiveness through the message of the cross and to share reconciliation in the power or the Spirit
  762. Do not doubt the message of the resurrection – John 20:27
    1. Have faith that Christ is risen and don’t let doubt creep into your heart
  763. Don’t only believe what you can see – John 20:29
    1. Have faith in things that you cannot see and do not insist on 100% in your face proof before you will submit in faith to what God has revealed
  764. Feed Jesus Sheep – John 21:15
    1. If you love Jesus then do all you can to nourish His sheep
  765. Tend to Jesus Sheep – John 21:16
    1. If you love Jesus then care for, guide, and protect Jesus sheep like a shepherd
  766. Follow Jesus and be willing to suffer like He did even to death – John 21:18-19
    1. Be completely dedicated to Jesus and His work willing to die for the cause
  767. Do not concern yourself with how God deals with  other disciples – John 21:22-23Worry about fulfilling God’s purpose for your life and not what He is going to do with others
  768. Wait for the promised Holy Spirit before beginning ministry – Acts 1:4-5
    1. Ministry must be done in the power of the Spirit so get the Spirit before ministering
  769. Don’t concern yourself with times and seasons of Christ return – Acts 1:7
    1. Our job is to be witnesses and not to seek out the exact time and season of Christ’s return. We will know when it is coming because of the signs but not before they appear
  770. Seek to receive power by having the Holy Spirit come upon you – Acts 1:8
    1. Have the goal of receiving God’s Power by being filled with the Holy Spirit. Filled with power is the result of having received His Spirit
  771. Be witnesses for Jesus  first locally, then regionally, and then worldwide – Acts 1:8
    1. Start witnessing for Jesus with family & city, then country, then worldwide. Start at home
  772. Make giving much more a priority than receiving – Acts 10:35
    1. Those who give are blessed much more than those who receive
  773. Do not persecute Jesus followers because you are persecuting Him – Acts 9:4-5
    1. Be careful not to persecute Jesus sheep in any way because He takes it as a personal attack on himself
  774. Do not call impure what God has made clean – Acts 10:15
    1. Find out what God has made clean and do not go beyond what God is requiring or make things impure that He does not want to be impure
  775. Don’t be afraid of men when Jesus is with you but speak boldly and do not be silent – Acts 18:9-10
    1. When you know Jesus is with you and has called you to speak somewhere then do not be afraid and keep your mouth shut but speak boldly and share God’s message