7 Core Truths Found by Reason Within

‘For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse.’ ~ Romans 1:20

Now that we have forsaken all our reliance on family, teachers, loved ones, and culture and have begun to seek after truth without bias, where do we start this journey? How do we obtain a solid foundation we can rely on in order to progressively increase our knowledge of the Truth?

There is one known source that everyone has and that we all must start with. We all have minds that can think and reason and we have our life experience’s to reason with. Without the aid of any man and by simply using our intellect and nature we can come to solid reliable conclusions that can provide us with the very first foundation stones of Truth needed.

What truths can and will we discover in this manner if we are truly unbiased?  There are many but the following 7 core truths are the most basic and fundamental when searching after the most important questions man has in relation to his lives meaning, existence, and death to come.

1st Truth: There Is An Almighty Creator God Being

  • Every effect has a cause and every design has a designer. Take a beautiful handcrafted watch apart and place the pieces into a box with the lid on and shake it. Shake it for a trillion years. Will it make itself into that perfect watch? And that’s even with all the necessary pieces already in existence.
  • Every work of art has a painter and every design has a designer. There is a strong bias to not believe in the creator because no creator means no accountability for our actions and we can all live as we please. Don’t give in. This is the most basic of truths and we must accept this from our hearts to make any progress.

2ndTruth: Good And Evil Exist And Are Not Relative

  • Some things are just wrong and some things are just right. Everyone knows that to lie, steal, extort, rape, pillage, kill, etc. are wrong but that to give, share, help, heal, etc. are good.
  • We may think that everything is relative but once we start thinking about our personal family members being violated in some way then justice stirs up in our hearts and we cry ‘how wrong!’. Good and evil exist and are not relative.

3rd Truth: This Creator God Is Good And Just

  • God made us and gave us life and the beautiful earth we live on. God created us with a conscience that commends us when we do good and shames us when we do wrong. Within our own hearts we understand what is just and what is unjust. A Wicked being would not create us like that.
  • There are many evils in the world but could these not be due to our own races fault? Actions have consequences. We will see in a study below how every evil existing is due to our actions and not because God is unrighteous.

4th Truth: Mankind Has Not Been Good And Just

  • The history of mankind is full of wars and horrible atrocities. We have always been inclined to evil. Every one of us has done things we know were wrong, things that were unkind to other people. Also many of the kind things we have done we’re done for our own benefit.
  • Not only have we done bad things but we have neglected to help others. Even though we know there are poor hurting people all over the world we have chosen to live to please ourselves instead of helping them. Isn’t much expected much from those who have been given much?

5th Truth: Everyone Will Eventually Die & Cease To Exist

  • Death truly is the destiny of every man. We have never seen a 150-year-old person because they don’t exist. We all know that at some point we will cease to exist and our bodies will be turned to dust.
  • This means that the hour-glass sands of our lives are quickly depleting. We have one short life to live and get these things right.

6th Truth: We Will All Be Judged After Death By Our Works

  • If this creator God is good and just then he absolutely cannot just let the wicked get away with their crimes. A just judge ensures that justice is dished out, that the good people are rewarded and the wicked punished.
  • In this lifetime we see the rich trample the poor and many times the wicked grow old living in pleasure while they extort the less fortunate. Surely a good and just God will bring these people to justice and since it’s not in this lifetime it must be after death.

7th Truth: Judgment Will Result In Punishments And Rewards

  • If there is a judgment, then by the very nature of what judgment is the wicked must receive punishments and the righteous must receive rewards. Every just judge rewards those who have been faithful and good but punishes severely those who have abused their fellow neighbors.
  • We know that the ultimate punishment would be some sort of tormenting pain and ultimately death and destruction. We also know that the greatest kind of reward would be to receive a beautiful world full of beautiful pleasurable things and an immortal life to enjoy it.

If we truly believe each of these self-evident truths and spend time reflecting upon them, we will realize a few things of utmost importance.

  • First we know that life is short and death is to come soon. Knowing that judgment is also coming, we do not want to be destroyed with the wicked, but rather want to experience immortality and the rewards of a righteous person. Even so, we find we have a serious dilemma.
  • Not only the Hitler’s and Nero’s of the world will have to be judged for their sins by a holy God, but we also have done wrong things against our creator and other people. We too must be judged for these things after we die.
  • If this is so, then we will begin to question: How can I be forgiven of the bad things I have done in the past so that they are not counted against me in the great judgment? And also, I am so addicted to doing bad things that even if I was forgiven I would just do these things again. How can I actually stop doing wrong? I need a righteous heart that will do right!

It is at this point that we may begin opening all the books of the world claiming to have ‘revealed truth’ and evaluate both their proposition and their reliability. Do they line up with what is revealed to us by reason within?